Medical tourism as a branch of health tourism represents a rapidly growing industry that has led to the creation of an environment in which patients travel across national borders to receive medical services. The World Tourism Organization (WTO) in particular Health tourism is defined as: the use of services that improve or enhance a person's health and morale (using mineral water, weather or medical interventions) and in a place outside the person's place of residence for more than 24 hours. It leads to length. Read More



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What is the process of getting health and tourism services from your company?

In the International Health Ba section, you can see our services in the fields of treatment and among them select the desired service and register your request via the blue button below. To book a hotel click on hospitality, visa and ticket on visa & ticket and to view our tours on tour package.

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Tourismangels24 is a brand that belongs to the private company Fershtega Tourism. It is a company with branches in the Republic of Azerbaijan, Iraq, Iraqi Kurdistan, the United Arab Emirates and operational and representative offices in Iran. All patient treatment information is confidential and protected by the company and the doctor. Copying of content from this website is strictly prohibited unless clear mention of the website and a link to the original content is provided. The information on this website is general medical information and should not be considered personal medical advice. For personal medical consultation, click on this link to use telemedicine services.
Farshatgan Tourism Company provides the following services:
Cosmetic surgery in Iran (nose job, slimming surgeries, reconstructive surgeries, etc. by the best cosmetic surgeons in Iran)
Medical services in Iran (hospitalization in the best hospitals in Iran, diagnostic and treatment services, etc. by the best medical specialists in Iran)
Health tourism services
Telemedicine and digital medical record