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Cosmetic surgery


Guarantee of medical and tourism services in Iran

Warranty and guarantee for all cosmetic surgery

Warranty and guarantee for all cosmetic surgery and therapeutic services and tourist travel to Iran 


Insurance in tourism is considered as the main part of any package and when you travel to Iran you will definitely needtravel insurance.

There are international insurance companies in Iran such as SOS insurance, AKSA, etc. Tourists usually do this before entering Iran by insurance companies in contract of tourism companies. We can also do this for you before entering Iran by the contracting companies in case you want. You can also get your travel insurance yourselves as soon as you get to the airport in Iran by the insurance brokers at the same airport.


Instead of garranty, The Tourism Angels Company intends to provide perfect services way better than garranty for all tourists. Our services are responsible for more support and periods. On arrival you will receive all relevant services according to the tourism and medical plan.

based on the contract, we warantee that the results of some of our services, especially in the field of cosmetic surgeries, will be exactly based on your request and also in case of medical problems, our company fully supports all costs and guarantees during the hospitalization and correction of problems and resolving the complications in our initial contract.


Your trust is our main credit.

Fees will also be charged based on the exact number according to the contract and there will be no difference in the amount of the money in

your account if you are provided tourism services and health tourism services in Iran and all fees will be issued to you based on the services

provided in the final invoice.

With warranty and guarantee of medical and tourist services, travel to Iran with peace of mind and have a great experience in the nature and historical regions of Iran along with cheap cosmetic surgery services.



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