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Cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgery in Iran/opportunity for tourism and cheap cosmetic surgery in Iran

Medical treatment and cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery services in Iran

cosmetic surgery in Iran


In recent years medical science has achieved the ability to make our wishes come true and got us closer to the mental image of ourselves.

Although exact statistics on the prevalence of cosmetic surgery in Iran are not available, reports indicate that Iran is one of the top countries in the world in terms of popularity of cosmetic surgery the demand for these surgeries is increasing and these changes have provided a suitable market for plastic surgeons.According to unofficial sources, Iran ranks first in the rate of rhinoplasty worldwide.A study conducted in Iran in 2011 reported a 15% prevalence of cosmetic surgery among women.(https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov)

Forty-two medical universities in Iran have the highest rankings in the field of diseases diagnosis and treatment based on standards of the WHO.

Iran is the 35th most effective country in medical advancement according to the www.timeshighereducation.com journal and also have the most medical and beauty centers among Islamic countries and the Middle East.

Tourism angels team with nearly a decade of reputation has been established to provide all medical services from outpatient treatment to advanced surgeries in sub-specialized centers.

Clinical-aesthetical therapy services provided by tourism angels are:

1. Free online cosmetic consultation, free digital medical record and skin care products after surgeries based on East traditional medicine.

2. Surgical, clinical and visit services for aesthetical-medical services.

3. skin and hair care clinic in iran and virtually in applications.

4. performing scheduled pre- and post-surgery procedures.

5.using best clinics and specialized medical and nursing staff in plastic surgeries.

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providing all diagnostic services in Iran in the best specialized medical centers at the most appropriate cost compared to Turkey, India, etc. and free other digital medical services distinguishes us from other related companies.

In order to eliminate medical complications after surgery we provide free support as medical advice regarding the latest medical procedures and also the right lifestyle and proper nutrition suitable for your disease and traditional supplementary medicine in treatment package for you.

All your information is saved as a digital file in your user profile for use in your own country or in Iran.

Introduction to Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

Cosmetic surgery has become increasingly popular in Iran in recent years, attracting patients from all over the world. The reason behind the country's popularity in the cosmetic surgery industry is the combination of skilled surgeons and affordable prices. Iran is known for its highly trained and experienced surgeons who offer a wide range of procedures, from facelifts to body contouring.

Aside from the expertise of the surgeons, the use of modern technology and equipment in Iranian clinics is another factor that sets them apart from other countries. The high level of care and attention given to each patient before, during, and after the surgery is also impressive.


Advantages of Getting Cosmetic Surgery in Iran

Aside from the cost, there are many advantages of getting cosmetic surgery in Iran. One of them is the high level of care provided by the surgeons and staff in Iranian clinics. Patients are given personalized attention, and their concerns and questions are addressed promptly. The clinics are equipped with modern technology and equipment, ensuring a safe and successful surgery.

Another advantage is the availability of a wide range of procedures, including those that may not be available in other countries. This allows patients to choose the right procedure to achieve their desired results. Additionally, the use of the latest techniques and technology by Iranian surgeons ensures a successful outcome.

Lastly, Iran is known for its hospitality and welcoming culture. Patients who travel to Iran for cosmetic surgery are treated with respect and kindness, making their stay comfortable and memorable.

Popular Cosmetic Surgery Procedures in Iran

Iran offers a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures, including:


Rhinoplasty, also known as a nose job, is a popular cosmetic surgery procedure in Iran. Iranian surgeons are known for their expertise in this procedure, which involves reshaping the nose to enhance its appearance and function.


Liposuction is another popular cosmetic procedure in Iran, which involves removing excess fat from specific areas of the body. The latest techniques used by Iranian surgeons ensure minimal scarring and a faster recovery time.

Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation, or breast implants, is a popular procedure among women. Iranian surgeons use the latest techniques and offer a wide range of implant options to achieve the desired results.


Facelifts are also popular among older patients. Iranian surgeons use the latest techniques to lift and tighten the skin, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Choosing the Right Cosmetic Surgery Clinic in Iran

Choosing the right cosmetic surgery clinic in Iran is crucial for a successful outcome. It is important to do thorough research and choose a clinic with experienced surgeons, modern technology and equipment, and a high level of care.

One way to find a reputable clinic is to read reviews and testimonials from previous patients. It is also important to ask for before and after photos of the surgeon's work, and to inquire about their experience and education.

What to Expect During Your Stay in Iran

Patients who travel to Iran for cosmetic surgery can expect a comfortable and memorable stay. The clinics provide personalized attention and care, and the staff is welcoming and hospitable. Patients will be given a detailed itinerary of their stay, including the surgery date and recovery period.

It is important to follow the surgeon's post-operative instructions carefully to ensure a successful recovery. Patients are also advised to plan for a few days of rest and relaxation before returning home.


Safety and Quality of Care in Iranian Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

The safety and quality of care in Iranian cosmetic surgery clinics are of the highest standards. Iranian surgeons are highly trained and experienced, and the clinics are equipped with modern technology and equipment. Additionally, the government regulates and monitors the clinics to ensure the safety and quality of care provided to patients.

A low cost for Europeans for free and uninsured cosmetic surgeries in Iran at the most economical price with the experience of tourism and cosmetic surgery at the same time in Persia.

Trips for treatment are done for a variety of reasons:

1- Lack of facilities in the country of origin and travel to another country to receive advanced medical services (such services include advanced surgeries and treatment of cancer and rare diseases)

2- Low cost of similar treatment in another country

Receiving cosmetic surgery services: Considering that these services are not covered by insurance and are freely calculated, it has very high costs. The costs of some surgeries in Europe and the United States are sometimes higher than $40,000. But similar services can be received by Europeans and Americans at the lowest possible cost in Iran.


Europeans travel to Iran for cosmetic surgery:

In recent years, due to Iran's progress in the field of health services and cosmetic surgery, many trips from Europe are being made to receive beauty services and ecotourism.

Costs that are very low for Europeans and can receive specialized cosmetic surgery services with one-fifth to one-tenth of Europe's costs.

The difference and distance between the value of the currency between Iran and Europe and the United States and the cheapness of services in recent years has brought many citizens of countries such as the Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Georgia, the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. to Iran. Exceptional circumstances with the total price of round-trip tickets and tourism in Iran and open cosmetic surgery costs are much lower than in these countries (about one-second to one-seventh)

Tourism Angels is ready to welcome all tourists by keeping pace with the quality of services in Europe and the United States, as well as providing online support and providing free services such as digital medical records to health tourists.

Also, holding special offers is one of our programs that you can benefit from. Our festivals are held periodically monthly for a surgery that you can find out about by visiting the site and social networks.



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