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Medical visa for foreign tourists in Iran

Medical visa for foreign tourists in Iran / Visa services for health tourists / Tickets for travel to Iran for medical travel / How to apply for Iran medical visa


To travel to Iran, you need a visa, but as we know, there are different types of visas. One of the visas that are issued very quickly is the medical visa. The medical visa has a special process.


medical visa (MEDICAL VISA)

A medical visa is a special type of visa that people who are suffering from a certain disease and the cost of treatment in their country is very high, or their own country is not equipped with the equipment or science to treat that disease, apply for that visa.

For this purpose, after researching and negotiating with the destination country (the country where they intend to be treated), they apply for a visa for that country. A medical visa is a type of visa that is issued to a person in a short period of time and for a specific period.


Iran medical visa

Medical visa or T-type visa is a form of visa that is issued for a specific period to a sick person. The duration of this visa is usually 30 days, but it can vary depending on the type of illness. Health visa is issued in a short time. In order to apply for a medical visa, the patient or one of his relatives must apply for a visa in person or online through one of the companies specializing in health tourism. In fact, the international department of the hospital issues a letter confirming the acceptance of the patient's treatment. This acceptance letter, which is known as IPD, is written by the hospital for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran, and it mentions that a person with the specified characteristics needs treatment in this hospital. Medical documents and explanations about the disease are also attached to the letter. The first condition for admitting a patient is to have a letter from the hospital. In this way, the patient registers his request with one of the companies that are active in the field of health tourism. The relevant company enters into negotiations with the hospital on behalf of the patient and receives the patient's acceptance letter. The patient took the letter to the Iranian embassy in his country and thus a health visa is issued to him.


Required documents for medical visa that our experts ask you:

3x4 personal photo

Passport photo (passport valid for at least 6 months)

Medical documents related to the disease



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