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Cosmetic surgery


Arabs travel to receive medical services in Iran

Arabs travel to Iran to receive medical services and cosmetic surgery

Arabs travel to Iran to receive medical services and cosmetic surgery / Iran is the best country in terms of costs for health tourism


Citizens of Arab countries have a good choice to receive medical and cosmetic services in their neighbors in Iran, and thousands of people from Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Tunisia, etc. visit Iran annually to receive medical and cosmetic surgery services.


Due to the similar Arab culture and modern medicine in the region, Iran is the destination of many Arab tourists.



Iran's tourist attractions for Arabs:

Iran has a climate diversity compared to Arab countries. The northern cities of Iran are the destinations of many Arab tourists due to the forest and sea and pleasant climate. The cities of Masouleh, Gilan, Golestan, etc. welcome thousands of Arab tourists annually. The presence of religious sites in Iran is also one of the tourist areas for Shiites in Iraq, Yemen and Syria.


Comparing the costs of cosmetic surgery and treatment in Iran compared to Arab countries:

Arab countries can be divided into two groups in terms of access to medical services.

Countries such as Qatar, Kuwait, the Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Oman have suitable medical facilities, and the attractiveness that Iran can have for citizens of these countries. The price of medical services and cosmetic surgery and due to the geographical distance or low of these countries compared to Iran, traveling to Iran for medical purposes can be a good choice. Percentage of countries whose citizens come to Iran for treatment. Among the group are Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait.

The second group are countries that are harder to access medical facilities due to the unbalanced distribution of facilities and apply equally for cosmetic and medical services. These countries include Iraq, Syria, Yemen. In the first place of this group, Iraq is the second rank in Iran in terms of the arrival of health tourists. They receive their desired medical and aesthetic services with lower costs and reasonable speed and low distance.

Iran with appropriate infrastructure is ready to welcome Arab tourists in the field of health. Receiving high quality services with reasonable prices is a policy that we have taken and by providing digital file and telemedicine services in the form of an application, we are looking for better presentation and receiving appropriate feedback from medical and beauty services among Arab countries, especially dear neighbors in the Middle East.



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