Abdominoplasty in Iran/Cost/ Types of Tommy Tuck

The best specialist to remove sagging abdomen with abdominoplasty in Iran

The best specialist to remove sagging abdomen with abdominoplasty in Iran / the best cosmetic surgery centers in Iran / abdominoplasty surgery cost / abdominoplasty surgery methods

Tummy Tuck Surgery in Iran
Tummy Tuck operation time: 2-4 hours
Tummy Tuck Surgery: Cosmetic Surgery Hospital or Clinic
Analgesia: Complete anesthesia
Method of treatment: surgery

Suture site and surgical incision: Abdominal / not visible
Duration of rest and leave from work: 10-15 days
Observation of the effect of the operation: Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation for 1-2 months, it fully shows its surgical effects
Sustainability of Tummy Tuck operation: Permanent / need to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle
Hospitalization: 1-2 days
Approximate cost of tummy tuck: $ 1800-3800
Other services: Hotel - Medical visa - Translator - Transfer
Free services: telemedicine / digital medical records / free skin and hair care workshops


Abdominoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that fix abdominal drooping, which is performed usually after Slimming period or pregnancy. Liposuction of abdominal drooping is one of the problems.


Abdominoplasty for men and women

Abdominoplasty can be performed for men and women and is not depended on gender but these problems are commonly seen in women due to pregnancy and obesity.


This operation can be performed on:

- People who still have abdominal drooping after diet and exercise.

- Elderly people who have abdominal muscle weakness and abdominal drooping problems.

- People who get abdominoplasty with body sculpting.

-Pregnant women who have abdominal deformities after childbirth.

Important thing for women about abdominoplasty: If you still want to have a baby, this surgery may not be suitable for you and you need to talk to the surgeon in this regard. Wait until you have weight stabilization and are still going to be thinner.


Types of abdominoplasty in Iran:

1- Complete abdominoplasty

the most abdominal corrective and changes removed by incision excess fat and skin under the abdomen and parallel to the flank.

2-Partial abdominoplasty (mini abdominoplasty)

Small incisions are more limited in this type of surgery and used for people with sub-umbilical fat accumulation.

3-Abdominoplasty around the abdomen

It is in the lower flank area and is suitable for people who have accumulated fat in the flank area.

 In all of these procedures, after surgery, a tube is placed to drain the discharge.


Abdominoplasty benefits:

1- Reduce urinary incontinence

2- Correction and improvement of abdominal form

3- enhancing abdominal hernia

Abdominoplasty and liposuction are different.

Abdominoplasty is pulling of the skin and correcting abdominal drooping, but liposuction is removal of excess abdominal fat.

Abdominoplasty cost: The cost of this surgery in Iran is lower compared to other Middle East countries and Europe and there are well-experienced and professional staff in this field in Iran.

The cost of this surgery depends on the location and accumulation of fat in the specific part of body.To get the price, fill out the form to determine the cost online after free consultation in the free Edualaution or online chat and if necessary after a visit by a cosmetic surgeon.

Dressing replacement and postoperative support during your stay in Iran in hospital and hotel is provided by skilled nurses and you will have your own nurse.

In order to reduce the side effects, six months of free medical support and consultation and receiving daily medical record of you after abdominoplasty surgery in Iran will be provided.


What is abdominoplasty?

Abdominoplasty is a clinical and surgical treatment, so you should be careful in choosing this method to have a flat and fit abdomen.

In this surgery, the abdominal area will be smooth, without bumps or wrinkles, by removing excess fat and skin and tightening the muscles in the abdominal wall.

Although you may choose liposuction with this surgery to eliminate abdominal obesity, abdominoplasty is not like liposuction and is different. Because the purpose of liposuction is only to remove fat, during which the loose skin or abdominal muscles are not repaired. It is even possible that the skin does not shrink well after liposuction and does not return to its original state, but in abdominoplasty, the appearance of the abdomen changes completely and this area becomes narrower and more beautiful.