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Digital medical record

Digital Medical Record

Digital Medical Record

Digital medical records of tourism angels include:
Previous information about your treatment
Your medical information in Iran
Treatment plan and periodic checkup reminders
diet therapy
Inside an app on your phone with the least volume


Medical records have two categories:
The first category of documents that are stored in hospitals and medical centers used as documents in legal, clinical and financial pursuits.
The second category of documents in the form of radiology, laboratory results and medical prescriptions that are available to the patient.

Access to the patient's previous medical records has a particular importance in the re-treatment of the individual's disease or new complication.

Another issue that is very important is the storage of documents. There is usually no comprehensive hospital system to access this information faster and more scientifically so that physicians and other treatment staff can use this information to adjust the patient's treatment and diagnosis and patients with previous and incomplete and unspecified information that they have from their medical records along with some incomplete papers and documents that are sometimes illegible or torn go to medical centers and doctors.
Angels Tourism Company is the first company to provide digital file services to patients and health tourists.
With a customer-centric perspective, we have considered digital medical records as a free service for our customers, with an emphasis on solving the problems of storing medical records and quick access when needed.


Digital medical file of Angels Tourism Company has the following features:

1- Save all your medical records before visiting us
2- Storing all your information and medical records at the time of hospitalization and treatment in the Angels of Tourism collection
3-Telemedicine facilities (virtual medical and nursing visits and other para-clinical groups)
4- Get a daily history from you to check your health and health changes to continue or change the treatment method
5- Integration of virtual clinics and hospitals and telemedicine in one application
6-Ability to request services through the application
7- The possibility of storing several medical records with various topics and diseases
8- Choosing physicians according to your tastes
9-Possibility to receive patient information and history instantly if the patient is hospitalized

Who gets a digital medical record?

Free digital file as a free service belongs to all tourists who come to Iran for medical treatment in Iranian hospitals and they can use these services for free for life.


How to subscribe to this application?

As soon as you arrive in Iran, this application will provide you communication with the medical staff and doctors in order to coordinate the installation affairs and store your information with complete security.

We provide this service to all people of the world with the idea of increasing the quality of health and beauty services for tourists and launching a new system in online and digital support.



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