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Vaginal tightening and tightening of the pelvic floor muscles for therapeutically and cosmetically is called vaginoplasty.

Vaginal drooping occurs in the following cases:

- Experience of repeated natural childbirth and multiples of newborns

- Aging

- Long births and vaginal ruptures in childbirth in large-sized babies

- Chronic and prolonged constipation that causes vaginal protrusion

- Hormonal abnormalities

- Multiple obesity and slimming can cause loosening and sagging vaginal wall


Vaginoplasty is performed to fix vaginal protrusion and drooping problems and increase sexual libido in women and the beauty of body.

Vagina openness and dilation can cause multiple infections, which can reduce these problems by this surgical procedure.


How does vaginoplasty?

This procedure takes one to two hours. During the surgery after spinal anesthesia, incisions are made in the vaginal wall and excess tissues are removed and the muscles are stitched, in this operation the first two to three centimeters of the beginning of the vagina gets tighter than the rest of the part, which is called perineography.Vaginoplasty surgery in iran can be performed with labiaplasty and G-spot enhancement.