Labiaplasty surgery in Iran

Labiaplasty in iran

Labiaplasty cosmetic surgery in Iran / The best gynecologist for labiaplasty surgery in Iran / The best cosmetic surgery clinics for labiaplasty in Iran

fixing of the outer or inner edges of the vagina, which is done to improve the appearance and beauty of the limb, is best in terms of appearance so that the inner edge does not come out of the outer edge.


Types of labia in the woman's vagina:

Labia-major: The major or outer labia, which continues with two layers of skin from Venus to the Pyrenees.

Sensitive structures and internal parts of the vagina are covered and protected by major labia.

Minor-Labia: The minor or inner labia has two layers of skin that are between the major labia

This labia varies in color and appearance in different races and becomes darker as you age and pregnancy.


Why do some women do labiaplasty?

The shape and color of labia in women are different from each other, during pregnancy and aging, changes in color, drooping and wrinkles in the skin.

The beauty of women's sexual organs is very important for self-confidence and attraction of sexual partners, and even some people have pain during sex because of this deformity and cause restrictions in them.

Also, deformity and sagging skin appear when wearing tights and women have less choice in choosing clothes.

Asymmetry is also caused in some women due to stretching and etc. that requires symmetry and correction of the shape of the vagina.

There is also a feeling of wear and burning and bad feelings during heavy activities and exercise in bad vaginal forms.


Best Methods of Labiaplasty Surgery:

There are different methods for labiaplasty, but the two methods are the most commonly used.

Trim: The inner labia is closed and cut and the extra part is removed. Then the stitches are sued and the clamp is removed.

Wedge: with a V-shaped incision in small labia the excess tissue is removed and stitched.

In terms of comparison between these two methods, the best method is the result and the answering method is Wedge.


Time to perform labiaplasty:

This operation is performed under anesthesia or spinal anesthesia and lasts about half an hour or an hour.


Tips on labiaplasty:

- What are the side effects of labiaplasty?

Complications include swelling and infection, which can be controlled by observing personal hygiene.

- What is the best age for labiaplasty?

The best age is between 20 and 50 years old when growth stops, except in cases of Genital warts and pregnancies under the age of 20 and over 50.

- Does labiaplasty have pain?

The pain is the fear of many women. Because they think there is a lot of nerve concentration in this area. However, the use of Anesthesia and analgesia methods.

- Does labiaplasty reduce libido?

Sexual arousal and pleasure are from the clitoris and G-spot. And labia has no sexual sensory nerves.

- How many days after labiaplasty can you have sex?

You can usually have sex four weeks after labiaplasty.

- Does labiaplasty reduce libido and sensation?

Labiaplasty somewhat narrows the vagina, but vaginoplasty is needed for further tightening.

- Is there a possibility of a reversal after labiaplasty?

No, only vaginoplasty and perineorrhaphy can be reversed after surgery with childbirth.


Labiaplasty benefits:

-Vaginal beauty

-Reduce vaginal bumps when wearing tight clothes

-Fix asymmetry problem

-Improve quality and increase sexual pleasure during sex

-Prevent feelings of pain and abrasion while exercising

-Improvements in health care

-Resolving the problem of misplaced and chronic sexual arousal


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