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What is Telemedicine?
What is telehealth?
Virtual hospital in health tourism?
free online medical visit for health tourists in Iran.

Telemedicine as providing and facilitating health-related services including medical care, provider and patient education, health information services and self-care through telecommunications and communication technologies Digitally defined. Telehealth and telemedicine The terms telehealth and telehealth are often used interchangeably, but health care from Telemedicin is a small part of health services that is limited to telemedicine.

Telehealth technology Several technologies for telemedicine, including mHealth, audio and video technology, digital medical imaging, remote patient monitoring, and storage and transportation technologies are in use.

Health has improved with the use of smartphones and tablets for telehealth.

Today, 95% of Americans have cell phones and 77% own cell phones. And other developing countries or even the Third World have a high percentage of smart phone use. Using remote health care services can reduce costs and increase health and ... .

The Capital of Angels of Medicine, as a leading center in telehealth services at the international level and tourism, seeks to create a new and forward movement in health care in order to create constructive interaction between physicians and nurses and other medical staff and clients.

Telehealth refers to the recording, storage and transmission of patient health information for healthcare delivery using data storage and transmission technology. CAT scans, MRIs, X-rays, photographs, videos, and patient-based textual information are collected and sent to specialists and other members of the care team to evaluate patients and help treat them. In remote health care, interaction with the patient is a fundamental principle.

 By using remote healthcare technologies, patients have more control over their well-being. Through this technology, care teams are able to easily share information and collaborate on the treatment of their patients. PCPs use telehealth platforms to consult with specialists and other providers to improve patient access in low-service areas. Telehealth and the future of healthcare Despite the current challenges of repayment, increasing the use of telehealth to meet the demand of different countries for healthcare has numerous benefits.



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