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Online medical and health visit in Iran

Telemedicine and telehealth

Telemedicine and telehealth Online medical and health visit in Iran through application and WhatsApp and protected video call to provide medical consulting services (remote and online medical visits and providing other medical care) 


What is telemedicine and telehealth?Telemedicine consists of two separate words: tele + medicine

In Greek language tele means long distance communication and medicine means treatment.

In functional definition it means the use of information and communications technology (ICT) in medicine field to connect between the physician and the patient for diagnosis and treatment, in this method, doctor and patient get connected by using texts, pictures and voices.

In general telemedicine is defined only by vocal communications with a doctor but it’s much broader than that.

In modern examples video calls used to communicate with patient for diagnosis, visit and medical consultation are provided by various apps. But medical information storage systems and medical documentation with telemedicine is one of the most important topics to discuss which must be observed.

We have made it possible for you to have personal access to your information by strong and highly secured servers.

We support all patients and customers by introducing a comprehensive application for all medical disciplines.

Some companies in the world define telemedicine only in one medicine field such as cardiology, gynecology etc. and have programmed a few apps but tourism angels team by designing a virtual hospital can provide all the in-person and out-of-person medical services.

It has become possible to hospitalize all patients in different wards to be under constant supervision of doctors.

Many tourists are deprived of the possibility of continuous communication with their doctor after returning to their country and can’t coordinate their treatment process and related problems with their doctor.

We have made it easier for patients to communicate easily with their physicians and medical experts.

Contacting physicians via message on the application and via webinar after reservation

 all the information is stored in your digital file after the consultation visit.

All your medical prescriptions are also electronic and in case of daily visit or hospitalization in our virtual hospital, all the medical activities and their dates on you will be stored.


Benefits of telemedicine:

1. save time by not waiting in office queues.

2. reduce travel costs.

3. reduce medical errors.

4. creating a lifelong medical database for patients.

5. use of different doctors all around the world no matter where you are.

6. make it easier to submit laboratory and radiology results and immediate observation of them.

7. increase the quality of medical services.

8. available 24 hourse

9. ability for doctors to have easy access to each other from all around the world to consult about a patient.

Model of electronic health pyramid of tourism angels


Model of electronic health pyramid of tourism angels


What is the difference between telemedicine and telehealth

Telehealth is a broader term for telemedicine.

Telemedicine is about long-distance clinical and medical services but telehealth is about both clinical and non-clinical health services such as education and so on.

According to definition of the World Health Organization (WHO) long distance health consists of:

Supervision: health improvement and general health function.

Tourism angels has done beyond the title of telemedicine to improve and spread health in the world by providing long-distance nursing services, skin protection experts, psychologists, family counselors and clinics and child training in the form of providing post-treatment training in the way of self-care training or in-person services.

To receive our application for telemedicine and telehealth services send your request on online chats or in request box to get medical services and long-distance health care.

After receiving your information and assigning a code and a password, you will be one of the recipients of our services.

These services will be free for the people who get treatment in Iran for 6 months as a free treatment package.

Telemedicine and telehealth in the digital hospital is designed to provide additional treatment and remote consultation services for health tourists or those who intend to receive medical services remotely.

By providing online medical services for medical tourists, Angels Tourism Company seeks to solve some of the problems related to access to doctors and medical services for those who at the same time intend to receive cheaper medical services in Iran.
For all health tourists who come to Iran for medical services or cosmetic surgery, receiving consultation and treatment support services after returning to their countries of origin is completely free. Also, the first medical consultation is also available for those who travel to Iran for treatment. have taken action is also free.



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