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IOL (intraocular lenses in Iran)

The best intraocular lens method in Iran

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Intraocular lenses or implant lenses in Iran

Intraocular lenses (IOL) are used to treat severe myopia and are also used to replace natural lenses during cataract surgery.
IOL is used for a type of vision correction surgery, which is lens replacement surgery.

IOL, like LASIK, LAZEK and RRK surgery, improves vision, and in certain cases where it is not possible to have surgery on the eye due to corneal problems or other diseases, this surgery is a very good alternative.

These transparent lenses are placed between the cornea and the iris and behind the lens of the eye, which is the natural lens of the eye, causing the light beams to reach the retina with the right order and direction.

The difference between contact lenses and implant lenses is that contact lenses are placed on the eye, but implant lenses are placed inside the eye.


Who is IOL surgery suitable for?

- People with severe myopia

- Visual power 1015 or more

The procedure lasts 15 minutes for each eye.

All lenses used in Iran have FDA approval.


The cost of lens replacement in Iran

For more information on costs, please refer to the price list or talk to our health experts in the free evaluation or online chat section for free.

If you want to do lens replacement in Iran, after your arrival at Iran, a free electronic file will be considered for you and telemedicine points are also our services for you.


In order to prevent unwanted medical complications, we have provided 6 months of free medical support to get a daily history of you in your treatment package.


Implantation of intraocular lenses in Iran has a very reasonable cost for many Arab countries or immigrants in Europe who are not covered by insurance.
Every year, a large number of Iraqis come to Iran and cities such as Shiraz, Tehran and Mashhad for treatment of vision problems and intraocular lens implants.


Tourism angels has special facilities for tourists for medical procedures in Iran. These measures are such as internet visits and digital medical file services. And after returning to their country, health tourists can receive free medical follow-up services in the treatment application.



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