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Knee meniscus repair surgery in Iran/price/free consultation

Knee meniscus repair surgery in Iran

Knee meniscus repair surgery in Iran / The best orthopedic surgeon specialist for knee meniscus repair in Iran / The best hospital orthopedic surgery clinics for knee meniscus repair in Iran / Free online orthopedic consultation


The cost of knee meniscus repair in Iran: $ 700-500
Time for knee meniscus repair surgery: 1 hour
Method: Knee arthroscopy
Suture site: Two small holes 2-3 cm that are rarely seen through arthroscopy.
Duration of stay in Iran: 6-9 days
Return time: 20-25 days
Type of anesthesia in knee meniscus repair surgery: Complete anesthesia / spinal anesthesia

Walking time after knee meniscus repair surgery: 1-2 days
Durability of knee meniscus repair surgery: It has permanent durability if the pressure and impact that cause the injury are not applied.
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What is the meniscus of the knee?

The meniscus is a piece of cartilage in the knee that sits between the joints like a cushion and holds them together. The meniscus prevents bone wear. But a simple twist of the knee is enough to tear the meniscus. Sometimes pieces of cartilage come off and get stuck in the knee joint, causing it to lock.


Knee meniscus tears are common in sports such as American football, as well as sports such as volleyball and soccer, which involve jumping and strenuous activity. This happens when a person suddenly changes direction while running, and often occurs at the same time as other injuries, such as damage to the Anterior Cruciate Ligament. Meniscus tears are also more risky in older athletes, as the meniscus gets weaker over time. More than 40% of people over the age of 65 are affected.


Ways to prevent meniscus tear of the knee

It is difficult to prevent a meniscus tear, as it usually occurs as a result of an accident. But some precautions can reduce the risk of knee injury. you must:


Keep your thigh muscles strong with regular exercise.

Before exercising, warm up with light activities.

Give your body time to rest between workouts. Tired muscles increase the risk of injury.

Wear appropriate shoes and foot size.

Maintain your flexibility.

Never increase the intensity of your training activity suddenly. Make small changes.

Symptoms of a ruptured meniscus of the knee

knee pain


Difficulty bending and straightening the leg

Stuck or locked knee

The pain may not be so great at first. You may even be able to continue your daily activities despite the injury. But when it does swell, the knee pain gets really stuck. Your doctor will perform a thorough examination to diagnose a meniscus tear. He will ask you for the exact details of what happened. Radiology will also be done to make sure the bones do not break or other problems. MRI scans also provide a more accurate assessment of the condition of the cartilage in the knee.


How to treat a knee meniscus tear?

The type of treatment depends on the type, size and location of the tear, age, activity level, and any associated injuries. The outer third of the meniscus has a rich blood supply. A rupture in this area may heal on its own or can often be repaired with surgery. Longitudinal rupture is an example of this type of rupture. In contrast, the inner two-thirds of the meniscus do not have blood supply so it is not able to repair the damage. These complex tears often occur in the thin area of ​​the meniscus as well. Because the pieces in this area can not be repaired together, the tears in this area are usually removed by surgery.


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Non-surgical treatment of meniscus of the knee

Small tears in the outer edge of the meniscus do not require surgery. As long as the knee is asymptomatic and stable, non-surgical treatment is all you need:


Rest: You should avoid activities that have caused injury. Your doctor may recommend that you use a cane so that you do not put your weight on your feet.

Ice packs: Use cold packs for 20 minutes, several times a day. Do not put ice directly on the skin.

Compression bandage Use an elastic bandage to prevent further swelling and bleeding in the joint.

Holding high to reduce swelling, place your foot above your heart when resting.

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) Drugs such as aspirin and ibuprofen reduce pain and swelling.


Knee meniscus surgery treatment

If your symptoms persist with non-surgical treatment, your orthopedic surgeon may recommend arthroscopic surgery.


Knee arthroscopy is one of the most common surgical procedures. In it, a miniature camera enters the knee through a small incision (portal) through which the surgeon will have an overview of the inside of the knee, then inserts miniature surgical instruments through other portals to remove the rupture or repair the rupture. Will kneel.

Incomplete removal of the meniscus: In this method, only the damaged part of the meniscus tissue will be removed

Meniscus repair: Some meniscus tears can be repaired by suturing torn pieces together. Whether the rupture is successfully repaired depends on the type of rupture as well as the general condition of the damaged meniscus. Because the meniscus parts need to be repaired together, the recovery time in the repair method is much longer than the meniscus removal.

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Rehabilitation after knee meniscus surgery

After surgery, your doctor may place the knee in a cast or splint to prevent it from moving. If your meniscus has been repaired, you should use a cane for about a month to prevent weight pressure from entering the area of ​​repair. Once your initial recovery is complete, your doctor will begin rehabilitation exercises. Regular exercise is essential to restore your knee mobility.


First exercise…

Begin to maintain a normal range of motion of the knee, and strengthening exercises are gradually added to your rehabilitation program. In most cases, rehabilitation can be done at home, although your doctor may recommend physiotherapy. Rehabilitation time for meniscus repair surgery is about 3 months. Method of removing damaged meniscus tissue in less time (about 3-4 weeks) needs to recover.


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Recovery after knee meniscus surgery

Meniscus tears are a very common knee injury. With proper diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation, patients often return to their pre-injury abilities.

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The cost of meniscus repair can vary from the cost of a simple knee arthroscopy to a simple or complex repair. Iran has very reasonable costs for orthopedic surgeries and by traveling to Iran for treatment under the supervision of the best orthopedic surgeon in Iran and in the best orthopedic specialized hospitals, you will be treated at the best cost.




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