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Ankle joint replacement in Iran

Ankle joint replacement in Iran

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The cost of ankle replacement in Iran: 2900-3900 dollars
Time of surgery: 1-3 hours
Procedure: Arthroscopy / open ankle surgery
Suture site: The site of the suture ankle and the incision site are seen. About 5-7 cm / In arthroscopic method, a small hole of 1-2 cm, which is rarely seen.
Duration of stay in Iran: 2-4 days

Return time: 20-25 days
Type of anesthesia in ankle replacement surgery: Complete anesthesia / spinal anesthesia
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Ankle replacement or ankle arthroplasty

Ankle arthroplasty or ankle arthroplasty is a type of surgery in which a damaged and painful ankle joint is removed and an artificial joint is used instead.

Although this surgery is much less common than hip replacement and knee replacement, it is gradually expanding with the development of artificial ankle joints and the improvement of technique, and in some cases can be a good alternative to ankle joint drying surgery.


Functional anatomy of the ankle joint

The ankle joint is made up of three bones. Above are the bones of the tibia (fibula) and fibula (fibula). The lowest part of the tibia is on the inside of the inner ankle and the lowest part of the tibia is on the outside of the outer ankle.

Below these two bones, between the inner and outer ankles, is the talus. The talus bone rotates just about one axis below the two calf bones, resulting in the soles of the feet going up and down.

The ankle bones are held together by strong ligaments and remain stable. Various tendons pass around the ankle, the strongest of which is the Achilles tendon.

The Achilles tendon connects the muscles in the back of the leg to the heel bone, which lies beneath the talus. The upper surface of the talus bone and the lower surface of the tibia and fibula have a coating called cartilage.

Cartilage is a smooth, white layer with a elastic, elastic consistency that makes the bones of the joint move more easily together and have less friction.


What is the reason for ankle replacement?

The most common cause of ankle joint replacement is osteoarthritis or wear and tear on the wrist joint. This wear causes pain and limitation and swelling of the ankle and makes it difficult for the patient to walk. Replacing this damaged joint with an artificial joint can greatly reduce the patient's pain.

Ankle replacement surgery is not as common as hip or knee replacement surgery. The reason is that the therapeutic results of this surgery have not yet replaced the knee and thigh joints well.

Artificial ankle joints probably have a shorter lifespan than artificial hip and knee joints, and surgery can be associated with more potential complications. Of course, in recent years, with the advancement of surgical techniques and the use of better artificial joints, the results of ankle replacement surgery are improving and improving.


In people with severe osteoarthritis and advanced destruction of the ankle joint, and their pain and limited mobility have not responded well to any other treatment, ankle replacement surgery or arthrodesis (drying) of the ankle joint is used.

The treatment that is considered in the above cases today is that if severe osteoarthritis has developed in a young and active person, arthrodesis or joint drying is used, and if this condition occurs in an elderly person who does not have much physical activity. Join can be used to replace the ankle joint.


How is ankle replacement surgery performed and what are the complications?

In ankle replacement surgery, part of the lower part of the tibia bone and also part of the upper part of the talus bone is cut and removed from the body. Then, instead of these two parts, two artificial joint components are inserted.

This component is at the bottom of a metal surface similar to the top of the talus bone, and at the top is a metal plate with a strong plastic plate made of polyethylene. When moving the ankle, the metal surface above the talus moves below the polyethylene surface.


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