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Shoulder arthroscopy in Iran

shoulder arthroscopic surgery in iran

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Shoulder injuries in some people are caused by illness or aging. These injuries have different degrees and pain. This pain over time due to increased level of injury causes limitations in daily activities of people's lives. In case of this problem, arthroscopic shoulder surgery is necessary.

Investigating the causes of shoulder injury:

1- Rotator cuff tendon rupture (shoulder raising is done through this tendon)

2- Sticky encapsulation (frozen shoulder)

3- Inflammation of the Calcific shoulder tendon (due to calcium deposition on the tendon)

4- Sequential dislocation and shoulder displacement

5- Shoulder labrum rupture (this tendon keeps the shoulder in place constant)

6- Acromiocloicular joint arthritis (joint between collarbone and scapula)

7- Sinusitis and bursitis (in this case the membrane around the tendon becomes inflammatory or thickened)

8- The presence of free objects inside the shoulder joint

9- Shoulder clamping due to weakness and narrowing of shoulder and scapula


Arthroscopic shoulder surgery:

Nowadays, many surgeries are performed without opening the surgical site and through the camera and making one or more small incisions, one of these is arthroscopic shoulder surgery. In this surgery, three to four incisions are made and shoulder problems are resolved through robotic surgical instruments and cameras.

The use of arthroscopy instead of open surgery reduces pain and speeds up the recovery of patients, and people return to their normal lives very soon and can perform their daily activities.


Shoulder arthroscopic procedure:

Although the surgery is short, it should be performed in the operating room under general anesthesia and requires analgesia.

The area of the surgery is sterilized and a short sale is struck to pass the arthroscope. (Silent theatre is a tube with fiber optics and cameras inside to see the location of the joint) one or more other incisions are made to pass other surgical instruments. After repairing the joint, the incision sites will be stitched and closed. The stitches are bandaged and the shoulder is fixed with a brace so that it has no movement.


What are the side effects of shoulder arthroscopy?

Surgical treatment has some complications, but the complications of this method are very low. These complications are such as infection and bleeding, etc. that can be prevented by observing postoperative care methods.


Preparation before shoulder arthroscopic surgery:

1- Information about surgery

2- Initial consultation by an orthopedic surgeon through telemedicine

3- Having a companion

4- Be unhealthy for about 6 to 8 hours

5- Bathing the night before surgery

6- If you have not already shaved, allow the hair to be shaved in the operating room to prevent infection.

7- If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin, inform your doctor

8- No smoking and alcohol (reduces the speed of recovery and increases the risk and complications).


Postoperative shoulder arthroscopic care:

1- Because of the pain in the first few days, use the analgesics prescribed by your orthopedic doctor.

2- If you have waterproof dressing, you can go to the bathroom the day after surgery.

3- Avoid sleeping towards the operated shoulder.

4- When sleeping under the shoulder, put soft pillows and shoulders are not stretched.

5- Warm compresses are recommended to reduce inflammation and pain in the days after surgery.

6- Exercise and move your fingers to prevent weakening of your hands (this will prevent weakness and swelling of the hand)

7- In the first three to four days you need help eating, but after that you will not be in trouble.

8- Avoid heavy lifting after shoulder surgery.

9- The location of small wounds should be kept dry and clean

10- Driving is dangerous and not recommended for at least a month or more until you have power in the arm and shoulders.


Costs of arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Iran:

The cost of shoulder arthroscopy in Turkey is about $1,800 to $3,500, in the U.S. $3,500 to $8,500, in Mexico it's $3,700 to $7,000. This surgery can be performed at a cost of 2000$ to 3000$ maximum in Iran with 6 months support and digital file and online medical visits that are included in the treatment package.

Iran is the best shoulder treatment option for health tourists, especially athletes. Our discounts can be received online by checking the price list and contacting our experts.



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