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Shoulder joint replacement in Iran

Shoulder joint replacement

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The cost of shoulder replacement in Iran: $ 2,000-3,500
Time for scapular surgery: 1-4 hours
Method: Scapular arthroscopy / open scapular surgery

Sewing place: Sewing place and cutting place are visible. Approximately 6-8 cm / 2-3 cm small hole rarely seen through arthroscopy.


Duration of stay in Iran: 5-8 days
Return time: 20-25 days
Limited hand use time after shoulder replacement surgery: 2-3 days
Discharge time from the hospital: 1-2 days
Type of anesthesia in pelvic joint replacement surgery: Complete anesthesia
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What is a shoulder replacement or shoulder arthroplasty?

Shoulder joint replacement or shoulder arthroplasty is a type of surgery in which the head of the humerus is replaced alone or in combination with the glenoid cavity with an artificial joint.

Shoulder replacement surgery is not as common as knee replacement or hip replacement surgery. However, when shoulder joint damage results in severe pain, this type of surgery can help reduce the severity of the pain.


Shoulder joint anatomy

The shoulder is made up of three bones, the scapula, the clavicle, and the humerus. The main shoulder joint is the glenohumeral joint.

On one side of this joint is a shallow bowl called the glenoid cavity, which is part of the scapula.

Inside this shallow bowl, the head of the humerus is in the shape of a sphere. The head of the humerus remains stable by ligaments or joint capsules next to the glenoid cavity.


Special muscles called rotator cuff muscles help keep the head of the humerus next to the glenoid cavity. These muscles surround the head of the humerus and the glenoid cavity, causing the head of the humerus to move.

The head of the humerus and the inner surface of the glenoid cavity are covered with articular cartilage. Cartilage is a soft, slippery, elastic layer that makes it easier for the bone head to move through the glenoid cavity.


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What is the reason for shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement surgery can be used as a last resort when the shoulder joint is so damaged that the pain and limitations that prevent it from performing normal daily activities and all other treatments fail.

Joint damage usually begins with severe cartilage damage and can lead to severe bone damage. The most common cause of joint damage leading to shoulder replacement surgery is osteoarthritis or joint wear.

Osteoarthritis of the shoulder joint usually results from joint fractures. Poorly welded, non-welded or blackened head of the humerus following a fracture can accelerate the process of arthritis and joint wear. Other types of arthritis, such as some rheumatism, can cause severe damage to the shoulder joint.


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What are the components of an artificial shoulder joint?

When only the head of the humerus is damaged, it can be removed from the shoulder and replaced with a metal head. This type of surgery is called hemiarthroplasty, and the artificial metal head that is placed in place of the normal head is called a prosthesis.

When, in addition to the humerus, the glenoid cavity is severely damaged, it is removed and replaced with a very strong plastic cavity. This type of full shoulder arthroplasty is called total shoulder arthroplasty.

In hemi-arthroplasty, the artificial metal head will move inside the glenoid cavity of the patient and move inside the plastic bowl in complete replacement of the metal shoulder joint. Usually the results of a complete shoulder joint replacement are better than hemi arthroplasty in treating pain.

The artificial metal head is attached to the trunk of the humerus usually by a metal rod that is attached to the metal head. This metal rod is called the stem or base of the stem. The trunk of the humerus is hollow.

In fact, this bone is in the shape of a tube and inside it is in the shape of a channel. By placing a base attached to a metal head inside the canal of the humerus, the surgeon actually secures the prosthetic head to the trunk of the humerus.

The base shape is made so that the fit is inside the canal of the humerus. However, this base is usually secured into the trunk by a special adhesive called bone cement.

The attachment of the plastic bowl to the scapula or scapula is also usually done using bone cement. Sometimes cement is not used to attach the artificial shoulder joint components to the body bone.

The types of artificial joints that are attached to the body bone with cement are called cement artificial joints, and the types that make the connection without cement are called uncemented artificial joints.

In non-cement artificial joints, the metal surface is porous with advanced techniques. This porosity causes the bone cells to grow and enter the porous cavities of the metal surface, resulting in a strong bond between the bone and the metal.


What are the possible side effects of shoulder replacement?

Shoulder replacement surgery, like any other surgery, may be associated with possible complications, such as:

Infection: Infection of the artificial shoulder joint may be caused by germs entering surgery tissue during surgery. In these cases, symptoms of infection such as pain, swelling of the shoulder, discharge from the site of surgery, or fever may occur a few weeks to months after surgery. It carries its bloodstream to the artificial joint and infects it.

Therefore, in patients who have an artificial shoulder joint, great care must be taken to eradicate all possible foci of infection in the body before surgery and, secondly, to prevent infection later.

These patients should take antibiotics whenever they need dental work or endoscopy after shoulder replacement surgery. Also, with the appearance of the first signs of infection in the body of these patients, it should be treated immediately.

In case of infection in the artificial shoulder joint, treatment requires the use of antibiotics and often the infection will not be eradicated unless the entire artificial joint is removed from the patient's shoulder.

Loosening of the artificial joint: The connection of the artificial joints of the shoulder to the bone usually loosens after a while and the artificial joint loosens. In these cases, the patient develops pain in the shoulder joint and the treatment is to replace the loose artificial joint with another joint. Artificial shoulder joints usually loosen earlier than artificial knee and thigh joints.


Dislocation Just as a natural shoulder joint is prone to dislocation, so is a prosthetic joint. This is of course more likely in an artificial joint. If the shoulder joint is removed more than once, it must be replaced.

Damage to the arteries and nerves of the shoulder The arteries and nerves of the shoulder are very close to the surgical site and may be damaged during surgery. Nerve damage is usually caused by stretching during surgery. In these cases, the damage is usually temporary. Of course, the arteries and nerves may also be permanently damaged.


Comparison of shoulder replacement cost in Iran and other countries:


Cost $

Shoulder replacement cost in Turkey


Shoulder replacement cost in Germany


Shoulder replacement cost in the UK


Shoulder replacement cost in Spain

10,000- $ 15,000

The cost of shoulder joint replacement in Iran


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