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ACL surgery in Iran

ACL surgery in Iran

The best method of ACL tear repair with surgery in Iran / The best orthopedist for ACL surgery in Iran / The cheapest orthopedic hospitals and clinics in Iran

Surgical incision and wound: Two small incisions above and below the knee
Stay in Iran: 3-5 days
Time to recover and return to work after knee surgery: 1-2 days
Effects of cruciate ligament repair surgery: Complete recovery of the knee after 1-3 months
Durability of knee cruciate ligament surgery: It has durability / if the knee is taken care of completely.
Hospitalization: Outpatient procedures / no need for hospitalization
Anesthesia: Spinal anesthesia / complete anesthesia

Cost of cruciate ligament surgery: 1000-2500 depending on the level of injury.
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ACL is the name of a ligament inside the knee joint (anterior cruciate ligament) the task of the ACL ligament is to limit the movement of the tibia forward and the internal rotation to straighten the knee.In some cases, this ligament is damaged, including injuries (especially in athletes and the elderly) and various diseases.

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is a common injury, mainly affecting young, physically active individuals. The injury is characterised by joint instability, leading to decreased activity, which can lead to poor knee-related quality of life.(https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/27039329/)

Causes of ACL tearing:

1- Fast foot redirection

2- Improper landing on the feet when jumping up

3- Quickly lower your legs while running

4- Severe and direct blow to the knee

These injuries can occur more often in women than men.


What are the symptoms of ACL damage?

The damaged knee produces a special sound during rotation, caused by tearing of the ligament.

The main sign of ruptured cruciate ligament is emptying the knee while walking, climbing stairs or running.


ACL Surgery:

ACL surgery is performed in a sterile operating room under spinal anesthesia or complete anesthesia according to the recommendations of anesthesiologists. After entering the operating room, the surgery area is washed and the knee incision is performed and the tendon is removed from other parts of the body to rebuild the ligaments, or from a body whose organs are donated, it is removed and transplanted at the knee site.

It is also performed with closed procedures. In this way, a small incision is made for endoscope entry and two other incisions for entering surgical instruments and surgery is performed through arthroscopy of the knee joint.

After transplantation, the cruciate ligament is stitched and the patient is transferred to the recovery room and after improving vital signs, he will be transferred to the normal ward for hospitalization.

Usually, an orthopedic tool is given to move and possibly a cane so that the pressure does not enter the knee.


Preparations before ACL surgery:

1- Go to the bathroom the night before surgery

2- For men in case the knee hasn’t been shaved, it will be in surgery room to prevent infection.

3- The day after the surgery patients are discharged, a companion will coordinate for help in advance.

4- If you are using anti-clotting drugs such as aspirin and warfarin, inform your doctor.

5- Avoid heavy activities to prevent further damage

6- If you have a specific illness or are using a medication, contact your orthopedic specialist.


Postoperative care of ACL:

1- Using crutches for 14 to 20 days according to the utto bearing activity and weight of the patient

2- Using knee braces

3- Changing the dressing and drying and keeping the place of stitches and wounds

4- Lifting the knee in a supine position above the chest surface (with ice compress at the knee position at the same time)

5- Performing stretching and strength exercises

6- Loose movements and tightening of the legs (patio movements) and moving the legs (active movements)

7- If the knee has inflammation and swelling and there are discharges from the wounds and simultaneous fever or fatigue, inform our doctor or medical experts.

8- Using anti-clotting socks to prevent clots

9- In case of exacerbation of symptoms with normal walking or even with crutches after 20 to 30 days inform your doctor

10- After 14 days, patients can have sex after ACL surgery.


ACL surgery in Iran:

Iran is known as one of the countries that is destined for many athletes to perform ACL surgery and also the cost of treatment and surgery in Iran is very affordable compared to the quality of services.


Costs of ACL surgery in Iran:

ACL surgery in the U.S. has a cost of about $20,000 to $50,000 and in Canada 11,000 to 20,000 and in Turkey $4,500 to $10,000 but ACL surgery in Iran at about one-third to one-sixth of these prices can be performed.

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