Open Nose job surgery in Iran/cost of open nose job in iran

Open Rhinoplasty in iran

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Duration of nose job: 1-3 hours
Rhinoplasty location surgery : Cosmetic surgery hospital or clinic
Analgesia : Complete anesthesia
Method of treatment : surgery
Stitches location : under the nose / not visible.
Surgical incision : under the bridge of the nose

Duration of rest and leave from work : 5-10 days
Observing the effect of the operation : Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation for 3-4 months completely
Durability of Rhinoplasty : permanent
Hospitalization : discharge on the day of surgery / one day
Approximate cost of rhinoplasty : 900 - 1700 $
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Open rhinoplasty surgery is one of the methods of rhinoplasty in which the middle base is cut and lifted and raised and afterwards rhinoplasty is performed.


What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a type of nose surgery to repair nasal tissue and increase the beauty of the nose, which is performed in a hospital or beauty clinic in the operating room and under general anesthesia.


Rhinoplasty procedures:

Closed rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty


Open rhinoplasty:

Open rhinoplasty is a method of rhinoplasty in which the base of the middle cartilage of the nose is cut and the soft tissue of the nose is lifted and the middle cartilage and bone of the nose are repaired. In this method of cosmetic surgery, the tissue inside the nose (bone cartilage) is completely visible.


Comparison of open and closed rhinoplasty:

Open rhinoplasty has more applications and preferences and the accuracy of open rhinoplasty is higher than closed rhinoplasty. In some cases, this surgical procedure is preferred, such as fleshy nose rhinoplasty, wide tip nose rhinoplasty, nose tumor rhinoplasty, complete repair rhinoplasty, and secondary rhinoplasty.


Advantages of Open rhinoplasty:

- In open rhinoplasty, the surgeon is more accurate and has more control over the surgical site.

- If nasal shaping is required and the bone or cartilage needs to be crossed, open rhinoplasty is the first choice of the cosmetic surgeon.

- The results of open rhinoplasty are better than closed method.


One of the concerns of people who want to have rhinoplasty performed on is related to the incision of the nose and skin, so they do not want the effects of the incision and sutures on the face and nose to remain. However, the effects of sutures and incisions under the base of the nose do not remain after rhinoplasty surgery, and because cosmetic sutures are used, the surgical incision site is not visible, but if the nose fins are large and need to be reduced. It is cut from the side of the nose fins, but if the nose fins are not large and only the formation of cartilage and nose bone is considered by the plastic surgeon and the patient, the nose fins will not be cut.


Disadvantages of open rhinoplasty surgery:

- Due to cutting the skin and bridge of the nose, the effects of swelling, inflammation and bruising on the nose are more than the closed method.

- Recovery period after open rhinoplasty surgery is longer than closed rhinoplasty.


Who can have open rhinoplasty surgery performed on?

- People who have difficult rhinoplasty surgery and the surgeon chooses the open surgery method.

- For those who undergo rhinoplasty, the best method is open rhinoplasty.

- People who have low cartilage and need cartilage or bone grafting.


O pen rhinoplasty surgery postoperative care:

  • Using cold compresses.
  • Care of the nose mold after rhinoplasty.
  • Do not smoke or drink alcohol for two weeks. (In open rhinoplasty surgery, bleeding is more likely than in closed rhinoplasty surgery)
  • Avoid using salt to prevent inflammation and swelling.


Complications of open rhinoplasty surgery:

The complications of rhinoplasty are the same in both methods and if you do not visit a skilled plastic surgeon, deformity and asymmetry of the nose may occur.


Cost of Rhinoplasty:

The cost of open rhinoplasty and closed rhinoplasty are not much different and Iran is one of the cheapest countries for cosmetic surgery. For detailed information on prices, search for the prices of packages also in online chat or through WhatsApp contact our medical experts.