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Depending on the race, genetics and the place where people live, there can also be different shapes, sizes and models of noses that we have received from our parents and they have also received from their parents with the effects of environmental properties, creating our appearance eventually.

In this article, we introduce a variety of natural preoperative models that are popular and are seen more often in different geographical regions.


Roman nose model:

About 90 percent of people in the population have this type of nose model, given the similarity of this model to Greek sculptures that have a hump or bulge on the middle or upper part of the nasal bridge and elongation along the nose. This model is seen more in men and is more attractive in men. For example, the noses of Tom Cruise and Mark Zuckerberg, Sophia Coppola.
Roman nose model


Nobian nose model:

This model is the most common nose model in the world and has a smooth and wide form of sides. For example, Barack Obama and Rihanna have this type of nose model. It should be noted that this nose model is mostly available in Africa and East Asia in countries such as Indonesia, etc.
Nobian nose model

Greek nose:

 The nose is long and narrow and without bumps and is one of the most popular nasal models. This model is known as the classic nose model and has a sharp tip and small holes. Three percent of people have this type of nose that some people ask cosmetic surgeons to make their nose a natural model and act in Greek form. But excessive narrowing of the nasal bridge can narrow the internal canals of the nose and cause respiratory problems in people. These people are susceptible to nasal bone fractures. For example, in the case of this model of nose, the model of the nose is Emma Weston and Jennifer Anniston.

Greek nose

Eagle nose model (hawk):

This model is called a bone or hawk or eagle nose and has an outward hump and has a sharp and stretched nasal bridge bone and stretched oval holes. About 5 percent of people have this type of nose model. This type of nose model is more likely to be seen in Italy and the Middle East. These people need cytoplasty and rhinoplasty simultaneously and the results of surgery are very satisfactory after that.  For this type of nose model, Barbra Streisand and Daniel Radcliffe and Adrien Brody can be mentioned.

Eagle nose model

Uphill or heavenly nose model:

This nose model is the most beautiful and attractive nose model, especially among women, and is one of the most popular natural nose models. This type of nose has a normal size and a very small bump or arch and small niche that multiplies the attractiveness of this type of nose. About 13% of people have this type of nose model. For surgery, this model requires a skilled surgeon. This type of nose model among celebrities is Kate Middleton and Emma Stone.

Uphill or heavenly nose model

Fleshy or animated nose:

This model of the nose, according to its name and the recognition that comes to our minds, has a lot of fleshy cartilage and a stretched bone hidden under the skin and flesh. This type of nose model is about 25 percent of the world's people, and depends on how much fatter people look, the nose will look bigger. Considering that these people have a good cartilage bank, their nose can be operated in any way desired in rhinoplasty and can get excellent results from their surgery.
flahsy nose

Snub nose model:

This type of nose model is small and has a semi-hidden or semi-thick state and has a more delicate geometric shape than large wide and fleshy noses and has normal and slightly stretched holes. About 4.7% of people have this type of nose model, for example, Wayne Rooney's nose needs rhinoplasty alone and also the surgeon needs to hard work because these people have less cartilage and bone banks and with a little width and slightly head up to become a high-head model.
Snub nose model

Swine nose model:

These types of noses can be seen in two conditions:

1- Congenitally, it is a type of disorder.

2- Fancy and uphill nose surgeries in which specific cosmetic ratios have not been observed

For information, we should say that this type of nose model is also called puppet look (puppet nose) and people will not have an attractive and beautiful appearance. These people have many respiratory problems and are at risk of injury and infection and are prone to fractures due to thinner nasal septum. To better imagine this model, we can point to Michael Jackson's nose model.

Swine nose model

Bubble or bulbous nose:

This type of nose model has a wide nasal bridge with a rounder and meatier tip than the higher parts. This type of nose model is very low, but it has good results in rhinoplasty due to cartilage bank and good bone.

Being too fat can exacerbate the dustiness and magnitude of this type of nose model. For example, the noses of Bill Clinton and Leo McCrone can be mentioned.

Bubble or bulbous nose

Sharp nose (Nixon nose):

This type of nose model is seen in thinner people who have a long and bony appearance and are very rare noses in the population and have sharp and stretched appearance and bone septum (nose blade). This type of nose model is prone to fractures and injuries and has normal results in cosmetic surgery and has a good cartilage bank for nasal repair.


Sharp nose