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Nutrition after nose job surgery

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Care after nose job surgery can have a direct and positive effect on the patient's speed of recovery.

In this article, we will explain to you what foods to use after nose job surgery that have the best effect on speeding up your recovery.

After discharge, some general dietary education is usually given after nose job, but in this article we will introduce you to a list of useful foods for the recovery period.

- Use of soft foods (mashed potatoes, etc.) to prevent pressure on the jaw

Use high-fiber foods to prevent constipation (wheat and barley, cooked brown rice, fresh vegetables)

- Use of foods containing zinc, protein and vitamin C to accelerate wound healing (meat, fish, eggs, oranges and spinach)

- Using foods that have a visual effect on wound healing and inflammation (oily fish, olive oil, strawberries, coal, mushrooms, grapes, tomatoes)

- Using foods that reduce pain and anxiety such as dark chocolate and green tea and ...

- Use of vitamins and minerals with regular use of vegetables and fruits (for example, pineapple juice is a perfect combination of vitamins and minerals)


What foods are harmful for the postoperative period of rhinoplasty or nose job?

1- Hard and chewy foods: It causes stretching of the upper lip and deformation of the nose

2- Spicy and acidic foods: cause irritation of nasal mucosa and itchy nose

Processed foods: High fat foods and fast food additives can delay nasal healing after rhinoplasty.

3- High-salt foods: increase the swelling of the nose


What drinks should we use after rhinoplasty?

Adequate water and nutritious juices (like pineapple juice)

Do not drink alcohol (up to 6 weeks) and caffeinated beverages (because it delays the healing of rhinoplasty wounds)


How to start feeding after rhinoplasty surgery:

On the first day of nose job surgery, after you are transferred to the normal ward and the nurse and doctor allow you to eat, you can use water and diluted fruit juices such as apple juice, etc.

In the first week to ten days after surgery, avoid hard foods that need to be chewed and increase inflammation and increase.

In the first 2 to 3 days, you can use concentrated juices and dilute soup.

The first 3 to 5 days of thick soups and purees

Five to ten days after surgery puree and soft foods

After 10 to 14 days, you can use ordinary foods that are not too hard and do not need to be chewed.


Note: It is normal to have nausea and inflammation in the first week of surgery, and this problem should not prevent you from eating.

After your discharge, you will be given a nutrition program in the treatment application, which is based on these methods, which can accelerate your recovery period during our clinical support.

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