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Rhinoplasty in Iran

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Duration of nose job: 1-3 hours
Rhinoplasty location surgery : Cosmetic surgery hospital or clinic
Analgesia : Complete anesthesia
Method of treatment : surgery
Stitches location : under the nose / not visible.
Surgical incision : under the bridge of the nose
Duration of rest and leave from work : 5-10 days
Observing the effect of the operation : Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation for 3-4 months completely

Durability of Rhinoplasty : permanent
Hospitalization : discharge on the day of surgery / one day
Approximate cost of rhinoplasty : 900 - 1700 $
Other services : Hotel - Medical visa - Translator - Arrived in the city
Free Services : Telemedicine / Digital Medical Record / Free Skin & Hair Care Workshops

Rhinoplasty is actually to improve the function or fix problems.

In some cases, due to the shape of the nose (for example, in a fleshy nose), the desired result is not achieved from the surgery and re-surgery is needed to improve the shape of the nose and the tip of the nose may sag, in such cases, rhinoplasty is used again. In other cases, the nasal bone may deviate and cause breathing problems for people, which is actually done to solve the respiratory problem.


In what cases is reconstructive rhinoplasty performed?

1- Airway obstruction or nasal bone deviation
2- Cartilage or bone sagging after primary rhinoplasty
3- Excessive shrinkage and fantasy of the nose
4- Drooping of nasal fins
5- Lack of nasal symmetry
6- Abnormal change in the height of the nasal bridge or nasal arch
7- Abnormal shrinkage or enlargement of the tip of the nose
8- Excessive narrowing of the bridge or tip of the nose
9- The cartilage of the nasal fins and tilting of the nose
10- Abnormal swelling and inflammation in the nose


Reconstructive rhinoplasty can be performed two, three or four times, depending on the individual's taste and the number of problems that have developed after rhinoplasty.
Reconstructive rhinoplasty surgery has names such as secondary rhinoplasty, reconstructive rhinoplasty and retouching.
First of all, we must point out that the process of surgery and the choice of the nose model by the patient should be such that the result is successful. And re-surgery is needed to avoid wasting time and reduce surgery costs.
Reconstructive rhinoplasty should be performed by skilled surgeons, but nasal problems should be cosmetically and functionally corrected so that there is no need to repeat the operation.
Usually, after a few months of primary rhinoplasty, when the inflammation, etc. resolves, and a complete nasal problem appears, secondary rhinoplasty is performed in the first year after surgery.

Rhinoplasty reconstructive surgery methods:

Reconstructive surgery varies depending on what problem develops after the initial rhinoplasty in which part of the nose (upper-middle third-tip of the nose).
Secondary rhinoplasty is performed under anesthesia or anesthesia or the use of sedatives in proportion to the workload and difficulty and can last from 1 to 4 hours.


Steps of secondary rhinoplasty:

1- Anesthesia or anesthesia and analgesia according to the time of the operation and the patient's pain
2- Making an incision in the nasal area according to the operation technique (rhinoplasty is performed in both open and closed forms)
3. Cartilage transplantation (usually cartilage shrinks after primary rhinoplasty and cartilage is removed and transplanted from the rest of the body.)
4- Sutures and tampons

Care after secondary rhinoplasty surgery:

1- Tampons should be inserted in the nose until further notice. You should breathe through your mouth
2- Prescribing painkillers and taking painkillers to reduce pain.
3- Using cold compresses reduces inflammation and swelling in the area.
4- In 7 to 10 days during sleep, to prevent bleeding and blood entering the respiratory tract, the patient's head should be higher than the trunk.
5- 3 to 7 days after surgery to go to the clinic to open the plaster
6- Avoid smoking, tobacco and alcohol to prevent bleeding, etc.
7-Avoid anticoagulants, aspirin, and non-inflammatory painkillers such as gelofen and ibuprofen.
8- The sense of smell and taste decreases, but do not worry because it is normal and will disappear.
9- Breathe moist air to avoid dryness of the nose and damage and bleeding inside the nose.
10- Fill in your daily history sheet in our application to adjust your treatment process and care process based on it

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran:

The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is very affordable considering that it is the third country in the world in the number and quality of rhinoplasty surgeries. For detailed information on the costs of Tourism Angels Company for rhinoplasty in Iran, refer to the price list or send a message to our experts by sending a request or online. 6 months free support is one of our services for you.

Cost of rhinoplasty in Iran