Nose job surgery in İran

nose job cost in iran

Nose job surgery package in Iran


Duration of nose job: 1-3 hours
Rhinoplasty location surgery : Cosmetic surgery hospital or clinic
Analgesia : Complete anesthesia
Method of treatment : surgery
Stitches location : under the nose / not visible.
Surgical incision : under the bridge of the nose
Duration of rest and leave from work : 5-10 days
Observing the effect of the operation : Immediately after the operation / after reducing the inflammation for 3-4 months completely
Durability of nose job : permanent
Hospitalization : discharge on the day of surgery / one day

Approximate cost of rhinoplasty : 900 - 1600 $
Other services : Hotel - Medical visa - Translator - Arrived in the city
Free Services : Telemedicine / Digital Medical Record / Free Skin & Hair Care Workshops