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Everything about affordable costs of rhinoplasty in Iran

Costs of nose job in Iran / Iran is the cheapest country for nose job / cost of nose job in clinics and hospitals / the best ENT surgeons for nose job in Iran


Bone and thin legs are sometimes annoying for people, considering that some people have weak shins or thighs and have a fallen abdomen, there is a good solution to these conditions.

Frequently asked question about rhinoplasty is the cost of rhinoplasty and comparing the cost and quality of rhinoplasty surgery is another matter. Some people prefer famous surgeons due to more quality of their surgeries and expensive costs because they think that the most expensive cosmetic surgery means the highest cosmetic surgery in quality.

First, we will explain the costs of rhinoplasty separately and completely, and then we will discuss each of them and guide you in choosing the best rhinoplasty surgeon.

The cost of rhinoplasty includes the following

nose job fee in Iran

rhinoplasty surgery pre-costs

Costs before rhinoplasty include the cost of an initial visit by a doctor and the cost of a blood radiology test or x-ray at the discretion of the cosmetic surgeon and a pre-surgery studio photo. If the person has underlying diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure or other heart problems; A radiograph of the lung is required, and for people with underlying problems over the age of 50, a visit is required by a cardiologist or physician.


Blood tests before rhinoplasty in Iran

 CBC, PTT, PT to determine the concentration of blood and the possibility of bleeding as well as the level of hemoglobin in the blood and tests such as HCV.Ab, Hbs.Ag, HBs.Ab and HIV.Ab are also required to check for diseases such as hepatitis and AIDS; Measurements of FBS, BS and HbA1c are also required if the person has an underlying disease such as diabetes. If you have thyroid disease, thyroid hormone levels such as T3, T4 and TSH should be tested. It is recommended that those who have underlying diseases should undergo cosmetic surgery in hospital centers not clinics for cosmetic surgery.

studio photographs of nose are usually taken at three angles at the beginning of the patient's visit at doctor's office and It's not needed to be taken outside the hospital.

Chest x-rays or CT scans are also available at hospitals, but for clinics they must be done outside the clinic because many clinics do not have medical x-rays services.


The salary of a rhinoplasty surgeon in Iran

Surgeon's salary and all medical operations are calculated based on the international unit, but in the meantime, depending on the type of nose, the time of surgery, the degree of difficulty of the operation and the presence of underlying diseases, etc. can change this coefficient.

Another factor that affects a surgeon's salary is the surgeon's skill and experience, which adds some to the final cost of the surgery. Naturally, physicians who have successful surgical experiences and satisfied patients and more referrals will receive higher costs and salaries than novice surgeons.

nose has different shapes which determine the degree of difficulty of the surgery.

Some noses are bony or have problems with the structure of bone and cartilage at the same time. In this case, septoplasty and rhinoplasty should be performed together so that the nose has the desired shape, but in contrast, some noses require less surgery. In some cases, the nose is small, or fleshy, or have a bony structure, or have less cartilage. In these cases, it is very difficult for the surgeon to perform surgery and shaping nose requires more time and skill.

The cost of rhinoplasty varies depending on whether it is performed in the surgeon's personal office or in a surgery clinic or surgery center or hospital.

The cost of rhinoplasty in the private and personal office of a plastic surgeon is less because the equipment and tools inside the office are used and also less manpower and treatment staff are involved in this cosmetic surgery.

The cost of rhinoplasty in clinics and outpatient surgery centers is slightly more expensive than the doctor's office because more equipment and more manpower and medical staff are involved in cosmetic surgery.

The cost of rhinoplasty in a hospital is higher than in an outpatient clinic and plastic surgeon's office. Because there are more facilities and treatment staff in hospitals and it has more security and credibility.

Therefore, to determine the cost of rhinoplasty, the place where rhinoplasty is performed is also very important.


Cost of anesthesia for nose job surgery

In calculating the cost of rhinoplasty, another noteworthy item is the salary of the anesthesiologist and anesthesia drugs during surgery, which is calculated by a fixed global coefficient according to the time of surgery and the degree of surgery risk.


Hospitalization fee for nose job surgery in Iran

If rhinoplasty is performed in a hospital, the patient is in the surgical ward for a few hours after surgery, but is discharged on the same day of surgery, and no hospitalization fee is calculated, but if the patient asks for one day in the hospital. If hospitalized or the doctor deems the patient's need for hospitalization appropriate due to the underlying diseases, the cost of hospitalization in the surgical ward will be added to the cost of rhinoplasty.


post-cost of rhinoplasty surgery in Iran

Costs after rhinoplasty include the cost of pulling a tampon and mold, as well as a visit.

After reading this article, you should realize the differences in the cost of rhinoplasty. But in general, the cost of rhinoplasty in Iran is very cheap compared to other countries

for example:

The cost of rhinoplasty in Iran, depending on whether it is performed in a doctor's office or hospital, is 700 to 1600 dollars, but the cost of rhinoplasty in the United States is 6000 to 8000 US dollars.

The costs of nose job surgery in Iran are very cheap compared to European and American countries and all countries active in the field of health tourism. On the other hand, Iran ranks third in the world in terms of number and quality of rhinoplasty surgery. Iranian plastic surgeons are among the best plastic surgeons in the world.

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