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Rhinoplasty without surgical incision by closed surgery method in Iran

Closed Nose job in iran

How is closed Nose job performed? / The best cosmetic surgeon and ENT specialist for closed Nose job surgery in Iran / The best cosmetic surgery clinic and hospital for closed Nose job surgery in Iran

Closed rhinoplasty is a method of rhinoplasty in which all the incisions needed for rhinoplasty are made from inside of the nose and a very small amount of the nose skin is separated from of bone or bridge of the nose.

What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty has many fans in the world today that millions of rhinoplasties are performed annually in beauty clinics under the supervision of cosmetic surgeons.

Iran, as an advanced country in medicine and plastic surgery, is one of the destinations for health tourists for rhinoplasty and is the third country in the world in the number and quality of rhinoplasty.

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Closed Rhinoplasty:

In this method, a small incision is made under the nose and restoration and cosmetic surgery is done inside the nose itself. Many people are looking for the least surgical effects on their face or are looking to reduce the inflammation of the swelling after rhinoplasty and choose closed rhinoplasty surgery for the beauty of their nose.


For whom is closed rhinoplasty suitable?

Closed rhinoplasty is suitable for those who need limited and minor changes in rhinoplasty.


Advantages of closed rhinoplasty surgery:

- There are no effects of surgical incision and sutures after cosmetic surgery.

- In this method, there is less inflammation and swelling than open rhinoplasty surgery.

- Closed rhinoplasty surgery requires less time for surgery.

- There is the least manipulation in closed rhinoplasty.


Disadvantages of closed nasal surgery:

- Lack of complete mastery of the rhinoplasty surgeon.

- Only experienced surgeons can perform rhinoplasty with better results.


Closed rhinoplasty postoperative care:

- No manipulation of the dressing and nose mold.

- Prevent the dressing from getting wet and dirty.

- Do not blow the nose for a month because it causes bleeding.

- Avoid smoking for 2 weeks after rhinoplasty because smoking after rhinoplasty increases the risk of bleeding and inflammation and prolongs the patient's recovery period.

- Do not wear sunglasses for 3 months after rhinoplasty.

- Avoid swimming after rhinoplasty for 2 months as it increases the risk of bleeding and infection.

- After rhinoplasty, be sure to place your head above your torso when you go to sleep.


Cost of closed rhinoplasty in Iran:

The cost of closed rhinoplasty in Iran, like open rhinoplasty, is very low compared to the cost of cosmetic surgery in the United States or other European countries, and you can travel to Iran for rhinoplasty surgery by services such as tele-medicine and digital medical records in our application.


Which rhinoplasty procedure is right for you?

Our advice for choosing a rhinoplasty method is to leave your surgical procedure to a rhinoplasty surgeon and also discuss all your requests and concerns with a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeon will perform closed rhinoplasty if you have the conditions for closed rhinoplasty, except in cases where extensive nasal repair is needed and secondary rhinoplasty is required.



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