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Skin & Face Lift with Thread in Iran

Skin & Face Lift with Thread in iran

Skin & Face Lift or Rhytidectomy with Thread (Thread lift) in Iran

The use of surgical sutures for skin and face lifts has been considered for many years and you have probably read various advertisements about it. In this article, we will talk about this beauty method.This method is one of the non-invasive or non-surgical methods to eliminate the problem of sagging skin and eliminate skin wrinkles. First, we will explain the sagging skin and the reasons for its formation.

What causes sagging skin?

Sagging skin is caused by aging and the accumulation of fat in the lower areas of the skin and the loss of balance in the distribution of fat under the skin Also, collagen, which is the protein fibers that support the skin, is weakened or their production is reduced, causing this problem in people.

face lift with fat injection is an alternative method of face lift surgery that people who are afraid of surgery or do not have the necessary conditions for surgery can use this method.


Thread lift has 2 positive effects on the skin:

1- Skin lift and skin tightening

 Skin lift that is done with thread and can be done on different parts of the skin that we mention below.

2- Stimulation of collagen production

 This event follows the process of skin regeneration and causes protein formation and refreshes and rejuvenates the skin


In which areas of the body is the thread lift performed? Face, neck, hands, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and breasts:

1- Round and weak face lift

2- Cheek and jaw lift

3- To remove wrinkles around the lips and nose

4- Removing marionette lines

5- Eyebrow and forehead lift

6- To stimulate collagen production to eliminate depressions under the eyes and cheeks and around the lips and nose and grooves on the skin in all areas of the body

7- Lift the neck and remove wrinkles from the neck skin

8- Repairing and correcting sagging breasts

9- Improving and removing lines and wrinkles all over the body

10- Lift the skin in the arm in different degrees of sagging

11- Abdominal skin lift in mild to moderate degrees after abdominoplasty

12- Hip skin lift

13- Hand skin lift


Types of threads in lifting:

Yarns are made of different materials such as precious metals such as platinum, gold or synthetic materials compatible with the body such as capron, etc.


Yarns are divided into three types based on the type of structure:

Absorbent yarns: These threads are absorbed by the body over time, but the scaffolding strands that are created around these threads are permanent, so by absorbing these threads, the lift effects will remain on the skin. These threads are used for mild to moderate sagging skin.

Non-absorbable yarns: These yarns are made of gold or other laboratory synthetic materials used for moderate to severe sagging skin, or in areas with heavy skin or high fat accumulation. For example, we can mention the skin of the neck and arms or the chest, buttocks and abdomen.

Combined yarns: These yarns are made by combining absorbable and non-absorbable yarns. In the structure of this type of yarn, there are cone-shaped pieces that are not absorbed.


Benefits of threaded skin lift:

1- Natural results and beauty that occurs after facelift; While in some cosmetic surgery procedures these results are completely artificial and it is clear that cosmetic surgeries have been used.

2- Minimal complications and problems during and after the lifting; That is, it will not threaten you with any harm or danger.

3- Recovery period is very short (about 3 to 5 days)


Comparison of face lift with thread and face lift with surgery:


face lift with thread

face lift with surgery


High safety
Natural results
Fast recovery
No trace of treatment remains
Reasonable cost

Wrinkles on your face disappear completely. Even the wrinkles around your skin, such as the neck, under the chin, etc., disappear.
The effects of the sun and wind on your skin are less.
The results of the operation are permanent and your face will not return to its previous state.
face will be at least 10 years younger.
Wounds caused by cutting skin pieces and lifting surgery are difficult to see and completely disappear over time.


Limited changes
It has less durability than surgical lift

Needs anesthesia
hair loss
Numbness and burning around the incision


At what age can a skin lift be performed?

The best age to perform a lift is 30 to 50.

Thread skin care after:

1. Use the medications prescribed for you on a regular basis.

2- Women should not wear makeup 24 hours after lifting.

3- Gentlemen should not do facial shaving for 2-3 days

4- Do not massage the lift area

5. Avoid smoking, alcohol and blood thinners for three days after the lift because it can cause bleeding.

6- On the first day after lifting, use a cold compress or ice to prevent bruising and inflammation.

Pre-face care with floss:

1- If you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin or anticoagulants, they should be stopped three days before the lift.

2- Men should shave their face the night before the lift operation

3- Women should not wear makeup on the day of lifting and should do it the day before if they need a hairdresser to shave and remove facial hair.

4-If you have a skin condition such as lupus or an infectious skin disease, talk to your doctor.

Comparison of thread and endolift lift and hyphotherapy(HIFU):

Comparison of thread and endolift lift and hypotherapy in iran

For detailed information on prices, you can refer to the price list section.

The cost of face and skin lift with thread in Iran is very affordable. Iran is one of the ten largest countries in the world in terms of cosmetic procedures, and you pay the most appropriate cost for these services.

Upon arrival of health tourists in Iran, you will be granted the privilege of membership in a virtual hospital, skin and hair care clinic and beauty clinic to provide telemedicine services in the framework of medical visas, telemedicine and health care and distance beauty education.

All your internal information will be stored in a digital medical record.

Cost of thread skin lift in Iran:

Compare the cost of face lift with yarn in the world:

Compare the cost of face lift with yarn in the world:



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