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(Boob job in Iran(breast augmentation

Boob job in Iran

Mammoplasty in iran (Boob job cosmetic Surgery in iran) / best surgeon for boob job surgery in Iran / Cosmetic clinic in iran for boob job surgery

A plastic surgery which is performed to correct the size or fix breast drooping and after a mastectomy in women.

Types of mammoplasty:

- Reduction or Reducer: It is performed to correct the breast form or remove the tissue from it.

- Enhanced: By increasing the size of the breast to improve its appearance.

Who can do mammoplasty?

People with large breast volume

People with small breast sizes

People who have had a mastectomy.


Advantages of mammoplasty:

• Breast tightening and stretching the breast upwards

• More balance between breasts

• Relieving pain and discomfort caused by high breast weight

• Increased self-esteem


Mammoplasty side effects:

• Remaining stitches

• Loss of nipple skin sensation

• Bruising and bleeding

• No symmetry of breasts

• Damage to the tissues and glands of breastfeeding

• Infection


Actions before mammoplasty:

• Stay away from smoking 4 weeks before smoking

• Avoid aspirin and vitamin E-2 weeks before taking it

• Having a companion for 1 to 2 days after surgery

• Be unhappy 8 hours ago

• Bathing the night before


Actions after mammoplasty:

• No salt consumption to reduce swelling

• In the first 3 days there is pain to take painkillers

• Cold compresses should be used, but should be done with caution due to numbness.

• After the third day of warm compresses should be done with caution

• To reduce pain and swelling of the upper hand above the heart surface (on the pillow)

• Avoid heavy activity for a few weeks

• Pineapple consumption to reduce swelling, fruit, fish and shrimp

• No smoking in other words quitting it


Mastectomy (breast removal)

Mastectomy is one of the treatment methods after chemotherapy and radiotherapy in patients with breast cancer.


Types of mastectomy:

Total mastectomy: The whole breast is removed along with its skin

Radical mastectomy: Breast tissue and skin and lymph nodes are removed

Partial mastectomy: Part of the breast tissue around the tumor is removed


Benefits of mastectomy:

Cancer treatment with complete breast removal is less likely to relapse.


Complications of mastectomy:

• Infection, bleeding, surgical scarring

• Numbness in the breast area

• Hematoma or accumulation of blood and fluids under the skin

• Limitation of movement in the area

• Shoulder pain and stiffness


Measures before a mastectomy:

• Avoid aspirin-vitamin E and blood thinners 2 weeks before taking aspirin.

• Avoid spicy foods such as peppers and spicy foods 1 week before eating spicy foods as it increases the risk of bleeding.

• Tell your doctor if you have any underlying diseases or are taking medications

• Don't eat 12-8 hours ago


Postoperative measures:

• To reduce edema in the affected limbs, arms are on the pillow 3 times a day for 45 minutes

• Avoid hanging the operated hand

• Don't sleep on the operated hand

• Start from the second day after surgery hand-shoulder-arm and respiratory exercises

• Exercise is done 3 times a day, 20 minutes at a time and lasts for up to 6 weeks.

• Consume a high calorie and high-protein diet (meat-legumes).

• Avoid lifting heavy objects for at least 2 months.

• In case of redness, unpleasant odor, withdrawal of pus discharge and fever above 38 degrees Celsius, inform your doctor.

• See your doctor every 3 months for up to 2 years after surgery, then every 6 months to 5 years and finally annually;


Post-mastectomy exercises:

1. Raise your hands on the wall: Place your hands at close range facing the wall and gradually drag them upwards and return to the previous position

2. Arm Swing: Rotate the arm circularly

3. Opening and closing your hands: Open and close your hands from your arm


If lymph nodes are removed in mastectomy, in addition to the necessary postoperative training, the following should be observed:

Avoid taking blood pressure, injecting and taking blood from the operated hand.

Use sunscreen.

To avoid insect bites, use insect repellents (nets-insecticides)

Avoid scissors on the fleshy sides around the nail.

To shave the armpit, just use an electric blade.

Avoid lifting objects weighing more than 2-4 kg



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