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Cosmetic surgery services are performed with the aim of restoring and improving the appearance and rejuvenation.

Cosmetic procedures are usually performed under the heading of plastic surgery, which is generally thought of as filling the body with a foreign substance made of plastic.

The word is derived from the Greek root plasticus, which means shape and form. Cosmetic procedures are performed with the aim of changing the appearance of certain organs of the body, which is formed in the form of non-surgical repair and with surgery.

Some procedures without the need for surgery include laser and microneedling and ...Surgical procedures include rhinoplasty (cosmetic surgery of nose), jaw cosmetic surgery and ...
Different parts of the body due to aging, structural disorders or injuries caused by accidents and diseases such as cancer, etc., make different people interested in these cosmetic surgeries, which call for general changes in the face and their body. These surgeries will be explained in general terms.


Non-surgical procedures

Techniques used such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion and injectables. Injectable items are medications that are placed under the skin to improve the appearance of the body, including Botox, cosmetics, Dysport, Restilan, Joderm, Radis, Scalpetra, and more.


Facial surgeries

Facial surgeries have the highest number of surgeries because their visibility.


In medicine, it is known as septoplasty (structural disorder in bone) and rhinoplasty (structural disorder in cartilage) and in some cases one and in some both are required, which is performed by a specialist doctor. Plastic surgeons and ENT specialists usually perform this surgery.

Autoplasty or reconstructive and cosmetic surgery of the ear


This surgery is performed in cases of deformity or by requesting changing shape of the ear. This surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon or ENT specialist. During this surgery, the eardrum is changed.


Cosmetic surgery and eyelid lift or blepharoplasty that is performed to lift the upper eyebrow or lower the eyebrow to improve the appearance of the eyes and beauty.


Facial Lifting Surgery


Facial and neck skin removal or retidectomy

This surgery is performed to remove wrinkles on the face and neck by removing the skin. With age, these structural disorders of the face appear, which can be removed with this surgery.

Eyebrow lifting surgery

This surgery is known as brolifting, which is performed to pull the eyebrows up and eliminate drooping and deformed eyebrows.

Facial implants

This type of surgery is performed with a prosthesis (exograft) or self-injection of body fat (autograft) to highlight certain areas of the face, such as highlighting the cheeks, chin and lips, which is popularly known as lip injection or facial injection and ... is known.
Liposuction of the face and neck: This surgery is performed in cases such as fat accumulation in the chin and sagging chin or cheeks. It improves the shape of the face and increases the beauty and appearance of the face.

Facial reconstruction surgery

This surgery is performed to eliminate the symptoms and complications caused by disorders such as cleft lip and other congenital disorders and disorders caused by accidents or diseases such as cancer, etc.
All of the above surgeries and procedures have preoperative and postoperative measures and care that can be different in each patient according to the patient's condition


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