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Surgical and non-surgical face lift in Iran:A special offer for you

The best face lift methods in Iran

The best face lift methods in Iran / the best specialist for face lift in Iran / the best beauty clinic for face lift in Iran


There are words such as skin lifting that people talk about to remove wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. 
Skin drooping is caused by weakened underlying layers and loss of fat and loosening of skin components as aging (collagen valastine), but what is the treatment?

Nowadays facelifts are used to treat skin drooping and remove wrinkles and rejuvenate. A facelift is performed by surgery invasive or non-invasive. In non-surgical methods laser is used to treat skin drooping.


Benefits of a face lift in non-surgical procedures:

- Reduce recovery period

- Reduce costs

- Painless


Disadvantages of face lift in non-surgical procedures:

- Temporary facelift

- Re-costs for renewal and repetition of facelift

- In case of comparing the costs, it can be concluded that the surgical procedure is very cost effective because it is permanent.


Benefits of surgical face lift:

- Permanent facelift

- High quality skin


Disadvantages of surgical face lift:

- Need for anesthesia or anesthesia

- Requires a skilled surgeon to prevent the placement of incisions and sutures


Non-surgical facial lift procedures include:

1- Skin lift using hyphotherapy

2- Skin lift using RF

3- Skin lift using yarn

4- Skin lift using fat injection

5- Skin lift using Botox

6- Skin lift using gel injection


In this section, we will briefly introduce each of these methods for skin and face lift in iran:

Skin and face lift using hyphotherapy:

The use of ultrasound (ultrasonic waves) for collagen and skin lift is the best way to tighten the skin by increasing the strands of skin collagen.

Treatment time: 9 sessions

Shelf life: One year



No pain and bleeding and no recovery

Face and skin lift using RF:

RF (Radio Frequency) improves skin consistency and tightens the skin by stimulating collagen formation with waves. Today, RF is performed with micro-needling or meso-needling.


Face and skin lifts using yarn:

In this method, a facelift is performed using yarn (absorbable and non-absorbable or combined yarns). This method is used for facelift and skin lifts in the arm and neck area and on the chest and stimulates collagen formation.


Lift using yarn has three types:

Absorption yarns:

Using skin-compatible yarns, it is used for mild lifting conditions, but due to the creation of protein strands around yarn after its absorption, the effects of lift remain.


Non-absorbable yarns:

from gold or other materials that last for the rest of life and have lasting effects for skin with severe drooping.


Combined yarns:

It is done with a combination of absorbable and non-absorbable skin lift yarns.


Face and skin lift using fat:

This method can be used for skin lifts in different areas such as hands, face and neck and etc.

As you age, the fat under the skin disappears, and causes skin sagging.

In this method, fats that have been removed from the body during lipomatics surgery are used for injection under the skin.


Face and skin lifts using Botox:

In this method, using a paralyzing drug, muscles and skin are prevented from stretching that cause wrinkles in the skin.


Face and skin lift using gel injection:

As aging some parts of skin are degraded or wrinkles are caused by a decrease in the volume under the skin. Using gel injections can eliminate lines around the eyes, smile line and frown between eyebrows.


Skin lifts using surgery include the following methods:

- Mini lifting (mannequin lifting)

- SMAS subcutaneous lift

- Skin lift in deep layers

- Skin lift wiring the skin

- MACS Lifting

-SMAS plication

-SMAS resection


Mini lifting:

Using this method, skin drooping can be treated in the areas such as jaw, face, neck and on the breasts and arms. In this method, small incisions will be made from the upper part and excess fat accumulated under the skin that has caused the skin to slip is removed and the incisions will be stitched.


SMAS plication:

 In this method, the skin is lifted and parts of the layers under the skin are folded and stitched on itself. This removes the drooping lower parts of the incision area and the skin is stretched. This method is used in mild skin drooping, but the location of folding may be visible.


SMAS resection:

 In this method, the skin is removed and the drooping parts are cut and attached to the upper parts. There is no abnormality on the skin in this method


MACS lift:

 In this method, excess skin is removed and the whole skin is stitched to higher and fixed parts.


Other surgical procedures:

Endoscopic face lift in Iran (endoscopic cheek lift in Iran): In this method, the lift can be used in the middle parts of the face and in other parts of the body such as arms.

Low SMAS method, Deep plan-lift, Deep face lift, high SMAS and so on.


Skin and face lift costs in Iran:

The cost of a facelift in Iran varies based on the methods of choice and the part of the skin that requires a lift, but compared to countries such as the United States and European countries where costs start from $2,000 to $3,000 and up to $6,000 or $8,000. But in Iran with a maximum price of $1,000 to $2,000, you will get the best skin lifting surgery procedures in combination.

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