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Botox injection in Iran

Botox injections in Iran

Botox is a compound derived from botulinum toxin and is an injectable drug that temporarily paralyzes muscles. The main cause of removable facial wrinkles is muscle movement. So if we paralyze them, the facial lines will fade. Botox lasts for three to eight months and then needs to be re-fixed. Botox effect appears 48 hours to 3 weeks after injection.

Botox injection areas:

Around the eye area

Between two eyebrows

Grooves and wrinkles on the forehead


Botox has a therapeutic aspect in addition to the beauty aspect.

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Therapeutic aspect of Botox:

- Migraine treatment

- Prostate treatment

- Reduce joint pain


Botox injection Effects:

Allergies that rarely occur.


Contrandication (those who should not do Botox):

Patients with neuromuscular disease

Pregnant and nursing women

People under the age of 18 and over 75

Anticoagulant consumers

Acute Cardiovascular Patients

Vaccination in the last two weeks

Best Age of Botox Injections:

30 to 50 years old


Measures before Botox injection:

Has no special care

Post-injection measures:

Itching, sunglasses, watering, makeup, lying down and sleeping, bending head, forehead massage and around the eyes, no alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes


Take those steps below:

In case of inflammation and bruising, cold compresses should be placed

Use simple acetaminophen in case of pain

Avoid heavy work and exercise for three days

Put a long pillow under the head for three nights

Do not perform special measures on the skin for up to 24 hours

Botox injection cost in Iran:

Iran is the best country for clinical cosmetic services in terms of price. A service in European countries with a minimum of 1,000 Euros, in Iran with half or one-third of the cost can get the best service. By Botox injection in Iran, we have considered the privilege of membership in virtual hospital and skin and hair care clinic. Telemedicine and Telehealth and digital medical records are also free of charge for you.

Your beauty and trust are our main goal.



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