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Internal medicine specialist in Iran

The best internist in Iran

The best internist in Iran / General Hospitals in Iran


In medical general terms an internist is someone who does diagnosis and treatment except for surgery cases. The internist treats and diagnoses diseases that affect different organs of the body, when the type of disease is unknown, you should first see an internist to diagnose the type of disease and be referred to the relevant specialist.


Internists can work in the following fields in fact, the following fields are related to Sub-specialist.

Nephrologist: Urinary and renal system

Gastroenterologist: The body's digestive system

Cardiologist: This specialist only deals with cardiovascular diseases and prescribing drugs, but surgery and ... It doesn't.

Hematologist and: Hematology and Autoimmune Diseases

Endocrinologist: Explores the body's endocrine and hormonal problems.

Pulmonologist: this type of deal with pulmonary diseases and respiratory problems

Infectious disease specialist: this type Work in the field of treatment of infectious diseases throughout the body.


In fact, the internist is the primary consultant in treatment and medical diagnosis. An internist is the best choice of specialists in medicine for constant monitoring and primary care of patients.

We at Angels Tourism Company provide in-person treatment services and with your trip to Iran, we provide the best Iranian medical professionals in the most equipped hospitals for your health. You can also receive all our services virtually by the application and all your documents will be stored in electronic medical records after traveling to Iran or online visit for use in Iran or your own country.

Telemedicine is a way that we have narrowed our distance from service recipients.


Cost of medical specialist visits in Iran:

The minimum cost of medical visits in countries is $50 to $60. While we in Iran with the lowest cost, we provide the most diagnostic and therapeutic services with the best medical professionals in different fields. Your trust and physical and mental health is our main asset in this field of health tourism.



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