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Super FUE hair transplant in Iran/Cost/free consultation

Super FUE hair transplant in Iran

The steps of Super FUE hair transplantation in Iran


Super FUE hair transplant Steps, benefits, complications and cost

The introduction of technology into human life has caused many changes and transformations. Super FUE hair transplant is one of the newest methods of hair transplant in which the effect of using new technology in increasing the quality of hair transplant is completely clear.

What is SUPER FUE hair transplant?

Hair transplantation by FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is actually the extraction of individual follicles. In the Super FUE method, the basis of work is similar to FUE, with the difference that all stages of harvesting and planting follicles are performed by smart devices. It is obvious that the use of smart and electronic equipment has eliminated many of the defects visible in other methods. It is worth noting that Super FUE hair transplantation is known as one of the highest quality hair transplantation methods.

Of course, the use of advanced facilities alone is not enough to achieve the desired result of hair transplantation. The experienced professionals and skilled personnel in Iran, using these facilities is also very important. Iran, is one of the best providers of this method with the best specialized hair transplant center, in addition to using modern and well-equipped facilities, experienced and experienced doctors are also working with this center. Therefore, all the conditions are available for you to enjoy having thick and beautiful hair.

The methods used for hair transplantation are different for different people. The doctor chooses the best and most effective hair transplant method according to the individual's needs. As a hair transplant applicant, you have the possibility to choose the hair transplant method for yourself; But it is better to leave the choice of the right method to the doctor.

Super FUE hair transplantation can be used by all people who are interested in using this method. All people who have low back hair are suitable candidates for hair transplantation with this method; But the use of this method is recommended in the following people:

*People who have a hard scalp and it is not possible to use FUT hair transplant in them. Hardness of the scalp is sometimes due to genetic reasons. Sometimes doing heavy sports or previous hair transplants cause the scalp to tighten

*People who have hair loss due to trauma or burns

*People with genetic hair loss.

Consultation with the doctor and preliminary examinations will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for hair transplantation by the Super FUE method or not.


Hair transplantation with this method is done in 6 different stages, which are as follows:

1_Scan and analysis of the scalp and laser design of the hair growth line;

2_disinfecting the scalp to prevent infection;

3_Numbness of the scalp in order to eliminate the feeling of pain;

4_extraction of follicles from the harvesting area;

5_storage of extracted follicles;

6_ Implantation of follicles in the hairless area.

In the following, each of these steps is fully explained.

Scan and analysis of the scalp and laser design of the hair growth line:

Initial scalp examinations are a very important step in hair transplantation. Planning for the next stages of hair transplantation is done based on the reviews and information obtained from this stage.

In Super FUE hair transplantation, a 3D scanner is used to scan and analyze the scalp. A lot of information and results are obtained after scanning the scalp, which are very useful in other stages of hair transplantation.

*measuring the size of the planting area and determining the number of follicles necessary to create maximum density.

*Drawing the hairline using a laser device.

*Drawing a hair transplant pattern.

*Computer analysis of hair removal area. Examining different characteristics of the scalp such as moisture, fat and elasticity and determining the best area for extraction according to these characteristics.

*determining the number of follicles that can be extracted from the harvest area.

*Examining grafts and determining grafts with multiple roots and appropriate thickness in order to harvest the best grafts;

*Evaluation of hair root depth. By evaluating the depth of the hair root, the grafts are removed in a correct way, so that the least damage is done to their roots.

*Examining the condition of skin blood supply in order to prevent the slow healing process of wounds and causing skin necrosis;

*Checking the percentage of black and white hair in the harvesting area in order to harvest the maximum amount of hair with black roots.


At this stage, according to detailed analysis, the scalp is checked for the presence of possible skin diseases. If the disease is detected, the opportunity to treat it is provided. Sometimes the main cause of hair loss in people is skin diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to treat these diseases completely before hair transplantation.


Disinfecting and numbing the scalp

Disinfecting the scalp is one of the first steps in all hair transplant procedures, which is done in order to eliminate germs and pollution on the head. In addition, by disinfecting the head, the speed of blood supply to the skin and healing of the scar increases.

By numbing the scalp, the patient does not feel pain during the removal and implantation of the follicles. Anesthesia in the Super FUE method is also different from other hair transplant methods. In the FUE method, a needle is used to numb the scalp; But in the Super FUE method, a special device without needles is used to numb the head. Therefore, the feeling of pain and damage to the roots of the hair, which is the result of anesthesia with the needle, is not observed in this method.


Extraction of follicles from the harvest area

According to the detailed analysis and scanning that has been done in the early stages, in this method of hair transplantation, it is possible to harvest grafts with thick and multiple roots. In this method, an automatic device is also used to harvest the follicles. This device has many advantages. Some of the advantages of the new generation of these devices are:

The ability to adjust the rotation speed of the cannula

Ability to adjust the angle

The least amount of bleeding

The least amount of damage to the follicles

Increase of 5 to 7 times the speed and accuracy of harvesting

4-5 times increase in the probability of harvesting multi-rooted grafts

The pen and punch of the device are disposable in this hair transplant method. Therefore, the possibility of transmission of germs and diseases is very low. On the other hand, due to the fact that the harvesting devices are completely intelligent, no damage is done to the hair roots during the harvesting phase of the grafts.


Storage of extracted follicles

The survival of follicles in the period between harvest and implantation is a very important point. Harvested follicles must be kept in the right conditions and temperature during the period after harvesting and before implantation, otherwise they will be destroyed. In Super FUE hair transplantation, the follicles are stored immediately after harvesting. Special storage equipment is used to store the harvested follicles. This equipment is a closed area, completely sterile and containing the nutrients of the hair follicles. The composition of these materials is such that it meets the needs of the follicles and prevents them from being shocked and destroyed. In fact, this device increases the lifespan of follicles. In older methods, the harvested follicles are placed in a liquid called serum and part of the harvested follicles are destroyed; But in the Super FUE method, according to the provided conditions, less than 5% of the follicles are destroyed.

The preparation and restoration of harvested follicles is one of the other measures that can be applied to follicles at this stage, which is done before the implantation of follicles.


Implantation of follicles in the hairless area

In the Super FUE method, not only follicles are harvested using advanced devices, but hairline and follicles are also implanted using high-quality and well-equipped devices. For implanting the hairline, a special implanter device for the SUPER FUE method is used. Hairline implantation using this device causes maximum density and natural state of the hairline.

In order to plant follicles in the hairless area, using this device, uniform and one-directional slits are created at a suitable depth of the skin. The remarkable thing is that with these devices, it is possible to create effective cracks 3-4 times more. The pen and punch of this device are disposable. Therefore, by changing it in each person, the possibility of disease transmission will be as low as possible.


The use of today's modern technologies in the new generation of hair transplant methods has increased the accuracy of hair transplant by 10 times. The use of this technology has many advantages, including:

maintaining the natural sleeping angle of the follicles in hair transplantation

the possibility of creating a much higher density

Preventing damage to the surrounding hair during implantation.

One of the key features of the Super FUE method is performing laser therapy using a low-power laser at this stage. The use of low-power laser causes faster recovery of inflammation in the implant area and faster transplantation.


Benefits of Super FUE hair transplant

Some of the advantages of super FUE hair transplant are listed below:

In super FUE hair transplantation does not cause pain and bleeding.

Anesthesia in super FUE hair transplantation is performed using special anesthesia devices without needles.

The hairline in super FUE hair transplantation method looks very natural and the hair has a very natural appearance.

The density of hair in super FUE hair transplantation method is about 4 to 5 times that of older methods.

In super FUE hair transplantation, you will see the result of hair transplantation in a maximum period of 6 to 9 months. If in older methods, after a period of 12 to 14 months, the maximum density of hair is determined

Considering that the punch and pen are disposable devices, the possibility of disease transmission in this method is almost zero.

The possibility of removing hair from other parts of the body is one of the other advantages of this method.

Considering that laser therapy is used in the planting area, while the inflammation of the planting area is reduced, the repair is done faster and the speed of hair growth is also increased.

In super FUE hair transplantation, scars and scars on the head are reduced to a minimum

Due to the non-invasiveness of Super FUE hair transplantation and its very few side effects, the recovery period in this method is very short

In Super FUE hair transplant, it is also possible to transplant hair into eyebrows, beards and mustaches.


Disadvantages of Super FUE hair transplant

The disadvantages mentioned for hair transplantation by Super FUE method can be ignored compared to the advantages of this method; However, any invasive or non-invasive hair transplant method has disadvantages and complications. Some disadvantages of Super FUE hair transplant are:

1: In super FUE hair transplantation method, it is also necessary to cut the hair on the head, which may be annoying for many people

2: In super FUE hair transplantation method, anesthetics are used to create numbness in the head. In some people, the use of anesthetics causes allergic reactions.

3: Complications such as numbness, swelling and bruising are usually observed in all hair transplant methods; Of course, the severity of these side effects is different in different methods. In the Super FUE method, complications after hair transplantation are very few and the recovery period is short; However, side effects with low severity are also observed in this method.

4: There is also a possibility of infection with a very low percentage (less than 1%) in this method.


After people go to hair transplant clinics and after consultation and examination, recommendations are given to the patient by a specialist doctor in order to prepare for hair transplant. Following these tips will affect the final result of hair transplant. is very important in maintaining people's health. Some of the most important recommendations before hair transplantation are as follows:

If there is an allergy to some drugs such as antibiotics, it is necessary for the doctor to be aware of this issue;

If the patient uses medicines, medicinal supplements, herbs and vitamins, it is necessary to talk to the doctor in full detail and precisely about their use. If their use has risks for the patient during the operation, the doctor stops using them some time before hair transplant or replaces them with other drugs.

Some medicines cause blood thinning and cause bleeding problems during surgery. The use of these drugs should be stopped at least 10 days before hair transplantation. Medicines such as warfarin and aspirin are such.

The hair should be washed and cleaned the night before the procedure. The use of conditioner and gel is also prohibited.

Some people are afraid of the operating room. In order not to disturb the hair transplant process, it is necessary for the patient to inform the doctor about this in the sessions before the hair transplant.


Care after SUPER FUE hair transplant

Hair care after hair transplant is very important. Therefore, it is necessary for the patient to pay attention to all the care after hair transplantation with patience and sufficient care. Some of the most important care points after the hair transplant process are:

If the doctor has prescribed analgesics to reduce pain, it should be taken on time and on time.

Taking antibiotics in order to prevent infection should be quite accurate at intervals. otherwise they will not have the necessary effect.

Post-hair transplant examination sessions are very important. In these sessions, your doctor will examine the quality of hair growth and, if there is a problem, use other treatment methods or medications to complete the treatment. In addition, in case of skin inflammation or infections, medication and treatment measures are taken by your doctor. Therefore, in post-hair transplantation care, examination sessions are very important.

Consult with a doctor about the onset of heavy physical and exercise activities, early onset of physical activity delays the treatment of possible wounds and damage to newly implanted follicles.

Only detergents should be used that the doctor allows to use.

Experienced professionals and trained personnel in Iran will not leave you alone after hair transplantation. You have the possibility to use advice and companionship at all stages before and after hair transplantation until the final result is reached.

In general, the time required for hair transplantation, in addition to the method of choice, depends on individual characteristics such as the extent of baldness area.

Hair transplantation is usually done by Super FUE method in 1 to 2 sessions. If the person has severe baldness, hair transplantation may be performed in two stages between 8 and 12 months.

Super FUE hair transplantation cost in Iran

The cost of super FUE hair transplantation depends on a variety of factors. The most important factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation are as follows:

Hair transplantation method: In different methods of hair transplantation, according to the accuracy and quality of the method and equipment used, the cost of hair transplantation varies.

Personal characteristics: One of the other factors affecting the final cost of hair transplantation is individual characteristics such as the extent of baldness area and the status of a person's hair bank.

Beauty clinic facilities and equipment: According to the facilities and equipment used in different beauty clinics, the cost of hair transplantation also varies.

Physician's specialty: The skill and expertise of the physician and his knowledge in the field of hair transplantation are other factors affecting the cost of hair transplantation. Some hair transplant procedures require special skills and skills due to the complexity and use of advanced equipment and are not performed in all cosmetic clinics.

Density: One of the questions asked in the first session of the applicant for hair transplantation is how dense his hair is. The higher the density, the higher the cost of hair transplantation.


Why you can choose Iran for super FUE hair transplantation?

Iran, despite having specialized medical centers and professional physicians and experienced medical personnel, can be a very suitable destination for performing a variety of treatment and cosmetic procedures. In Iran, you can ensure the quality of the services provided and also the required cost. Treatment costs in Iran are very low compared to other countries, and the reason for this is the relative value of the Iranian currency compared to the dollar. Advanced countries are in the field of treatment. Every year, many travelers travel to Iran for cosmetic surgery and other medical services. For detailed information on hair transplantation costs in Iran, please use this link

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