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Six-pack Abdominal Surgery in Iran

How to perform six-pack abdominal surgery in Iran / The best plastic surgeon for six-pack abdominal surgery in Iran / The best Iran's clinics and hospitals for six-pack abdominal surgery in Iran

Six-pack abdominal surgery is a special liposuction surgery during which, in addition to the removal of abdominal fat, the shape of the prominent abdominal muscles appears and gives it the beautiful organ that many people with exercise are looking for during an operation.

Nowadays, problems such as lack of time, work, inactivity, poor nutrition and stress have caused obesity in men and women. And because of these problems and stresses, etc., they can't have long-term diets because they also avoid intensive and heavy diets because of their health.

And lack of time also causes no regular professional exercise for muscle building and at best people have normal aerobic exercise and are far from reaching their desired limbs. In this case, these people can have ABS surgery or six-pack abdomen.

Six-pack Abdominal Surgery in IRAN

Six-Pack surgery in Iran:

This surgery is a surgical and non-surgical procedure that causes abdominal fragmentation.

In fact, a six-pack operation is a set of measures that can be used to shape the abdominal muscles into six pieces.

Six pack action is usually extremely attractive for men and women. Unlike other cosmetic surgeries that most women are candidates for, the Six Pack operation has received a lot of attention from men. Six pack operation can be done using different methods.

Who can do Six-Pack surgery

1_Bad women from childbirth (6 months bad from childbirth)

2_Women and men who are overweight (this weight should not be too high (BMI is between 25 and 35)

3_People who do not have systemic and debilitating disease

4_People who do not have loose and fallen skin

How many procedures does Six-Pack abdominal surgery take?

This can be done surgically and non-surgically

Non-surgical procedures are very time-taking and if you are looking for quick procedures we recommend surgery

ABS surgeries method:





 Liposuction:Liposuction is generally used to remove excess fat that causes deformity and obesity and is one of the methods to achieve a beautiful body in ABS surgery.

It is done in this method by burning fat and suction to burn fat and remove it from the body.

Click here to read more about liposuction surgery.

Excess fat in this method can be injected into the buttocks or face of parts of the body that are excess.

Lipolysis:In this rapid weight loss method, fat on the abdomen is broken down (using a laser) and removed using suction (a metal focus), and another amount is excreted by the body's metabolism on its own.

This method is also used to remove wrinkles on the skin at the same time, and in this method, the laser affects the second layer of the skin, and increasing collagen production causes smoothing and lifting of the skin. In this way, fats are removed with the least bruising and damage.

Fat removed from the body using this method can not be injected into other parts of the body

Lipomatic:In this method, with small incisions in the abdomen and with minimal damage and bleeding, without changing the tissue, the fat is divided into smaller pieces and removed from the body. In this method, the fat can be removed with a series of oscillating movements. These fats can be injected because they do not damage other parts of the body.

Lipomatic Six-Pack can be performed with minimal pain, inflammation and complications as a low-complication method to shape the abdomen six-pack.

Abdominoplasty:Abdominoplasty is an open surgical procedure (half of the abdomen is opened and excess skin and fat are removed)

Excess fat is removed by making incisions around the navel of the skin.

Abdominoplasty removes bulging and sagging abdomen. People who have lost weight (through diet and surgery) and have sagging skin are suitable for this surgery.

Which method is suitable for six-pack surgery?

Interpretation of the type of surgery is based on age, race, height and weight. The surgery is selected according to the individual's condition. One method may be used for treatment at the same time.


Before Six-Pack Surgery:

1- If you use aspirin or blood thinner, be sure to inform your doctor.

2. Provide your complete history of illness and health to your treating physician.

3- If you have high blood pressure and diabetes, you should consult an internal medicine specialist or cardiologist before surgery

4- Report your allergy history

5- Have someone with you.


After Six-Pack Surgery:

ABS (Six-Pack Surgery in Iran):

1_Using special genes

2- Operation massages according to the doctor's order

3_Using prescribed drugs

4- You can take a bath after 24 hours

5_ Start feeding after surgery 6 hours later if you have nausea with fluids

6- Consumption of liquids


What is the best nutrition after sex pack surgery?

After performing various surgeries, the body needs recovery. Getting your body back in shape requires paying attention to nutritional principles. You can accelerate recovery by providing the energy your body needs. Be sure to eat strong proteins such as muscle and quail soup after sex pack surgery.

Include fish and red meat (preferably mutton) in meals. Consumption of liquids such as carrot juice, celery juice, pineapple juice and orange juice is recommended to strengthen the immune system, reduce swelling and accelerate postoperative recovery. Be sure to reduce your carbohydrate intake. The use of animal oils and fats is not appropriate at all. Consumption of hematopoietic foods such as liver and lentils is recommended.

For breakfast, it is recommended to consume three juices of berries, grapes, dates along with sesame. Try not to eat canned food and ready-made juices from the company, as preservatives are not suitable at all in this situation. Do not eat foods that irritate the stomach and cause vomiting so that no pressure is applied to the abdomen. Prohibit the consumption of fast foods for up to two weeks. Include raw, unsalted nuts in your snacks.

Benefits of Six Pack surgery
Correction of tissue under the abdomen
Sudden and lasting weight loss
Removes sagging skin
Improve the condition of the spine
Use of extracted fat cells in other parts of the body in the lipomatic method
Create a uniform and beautiful appearance surface
Permanent weight loss if you follow nutrition and exercise after surgery
Quick correction of body and abdomen shape and creating a sex pack without exercise
Fix lines created due to pregnancy or obesity and weight loss
Do not burn the skin in methods that use heat


Costs of Six Pack Surgery in Iran:

For detailed information about the cost of Six Pack surgery in Iran to our staff in the free evaluation section or WhatsApp chat for free and get medical advice and Six-Pack surgery costs.



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