Brazilian butt lift in Iran (BBL)

Brazilian butt lift (BBL)

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Brazilian butt lift means firstly because of the similarity of these types of people to Brazilian women after surgery. Brazilians have a specific gene that highlights the length of the bones of the dervish and the buttocks.Brazilian butt lift is one of the most popular body surgeries among women, also known as BBL.

In general, fats around the abdomen are removed in Brazilian butt lifts and injected into the buttocks, which causes the shape and beautifulness of the buttocks, i.e. in the Brazilian butt lift, at the same time, weight loss and reduction of the size of the flanks and the size of the buttocks are simultaneously done and have a narrower limb and prominent buttocks, and the shape of the buttocks has a much more natural state than gel and prosthesis injections.

Injection of fat drawn from the inside of the body to the buttocks has very few side effects and has fewer complications than gel injection or prosthesis insertion.


Why should we do a butt lift?

With aging, the loss of subcutaneous fats or decreased resistance of tissues to the underside of the skin creates wrinkles in the skin, as well as by reducing collagenization, the skin becomes loose and sagging. Sometimes, due to drooping and lack of proper distribution of fats and sagging skin, despite the presence of subcutaneous fat, the buttocks are drooping.

Body beauty, along with the beauty of the face, has a great effect on increasing people's self-esteem. Many people think of cosmetic procedures from middle age onwards. Having prominent buttocks can also be used in selecting the type of clothes and being stylish, even in some cases in increasing sexual attractiveness to strengthen sexual relationships.


How is a Brazilian butt lift done?

Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure (with the lowest body opening rate and damage to the skin) is one of the best methods for forming the buttocks. This method is quite effective and lasting for forming buttocks.

Step 1:

 In this stage, a combination of a solution including sodium carbonate, epinephrine, lidocaine, phosphatide and deoxiculate (DC, PPC) is injected into the flanks or thighs to dissolve fats, each of these drugs has a special effect on the body.

Step 2:

Using radiofrequency devices, the muscles and skin of the buttocks begin to collagen and the loose and drooping state is removed and the skin is stretched from the top and inside the thigh and smoother.

Step 3:

Butt lift is performed by non-surgical method and through absorption frame yarns. These yarns (hypo-alogenics) are non-ergic and absorbable, and collagen filaments are created after being absorbed like a column around it, which makes the butt lift permanently durable.

Step 4:

Fat is injected into different parts of the buttocks and small incisions of one centimeter (3_5 slices) are made on the buttocks.


Benefits of Brazilian buttock fork:

1_Lowest rate of complications and allergic

2_ No pain and bruising at the site of liposuction and fat injection

3_Short recovery without rest and staying at home is about 6 day recovery period.

4_No buttocks and fat displacement after surgery

5_The lowest risk of infection

6_ No deformity and tightening of the buttocks after fat injection and also at the site of liposuction

7_The desired results can be seen immediately after surgery (butt lift up to 40%)


Who can do a Brazilian butt lift?

_The buttocks are smaller than the limbs. They have smooth buttocks (stiff) compared to their height.

_The presence of a fat bank in the body that can be injected into the buttocks

Middle-aged and landmine people who have buttock skin drooping.


Preoperative Brazilian butt lifts:

Preoperative preparations of Brazilian buttock lift include preoperative preparations related to liposuction of fat injections simultaneously.

1_If you are using blood thinners such as aspirin or warfarin or analgesics (antihistamines or non-steroidal) analgesics such as gelofen, be sure to inform your doctor

2- Give your health history to your doctor in our initial online consultation of experts and medical professionals

3- No smoking due to increased risk of bleeding and slow recovery of the patient

4- No alcohol consumption

5- Observing a healthy diet and having a proper life style before and after surgery

6- Not being unsympted 6 to 9 hours before meals

7_ If you have diseases such as diabetes, hypertension or autoimmune systemic diseases such as cancer, etc., you need some basic advice.

8. If you are over 40 years old, you should have a radiology photo of your chest before surgery

9- Having a companion to accompany you after surgery

10- Conducting tests


Postoperative care of buttock lift by Brazilian lift method:

1- Avoid washing for 6 days

2- Light chairs and soft mattresses

3- Sleeping on the sides and face of the abdomen in the first days

4- No manipulation of stitches and dressings related to fat injection liposuction sites

5- Consumption of liquids

6- Having proper nutrition and life style

7- If you have symptoms of discharge and fever and symptoms of infection, be sure to inform our doctor and medical experts through the application


Cost of Brazilian butt lift surgery:

The costs of butt lift surgery like other cosmetic surgery are very suitable compared to other European countries, The United States and Arab countries. For more information on the prices of cosmetic buttock surgery, you can message our medical experts in the free evaluation section.