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Nutritionist in Iran

The best nutritionist in Iran

The best nutritionist in Iran / the best nutrition and diet therapy clinics in Iran


Nutrition is one of the specialized medical disciplines that can help you in regulating your diet and fitness by adjusting your lifestyle and proper nutrition.

People refer to a nutritionist in two cases: 1- Due to underlying diseases such as diabetes and blood pressure and kidney failure and cancer ... which need to adjust the diet.2-Adjusting lifestyle and fitness
There are a variety of diets that people sometimes search through the Internet and start. Search for words such as diet in diabetes and blood pressure and weight loss diet and ....

But we need to know that nutrition is a specialized science that requires initial evaluation and testing and setting up a diet and medication supplement. Sometimes people suffer from problems such as fat and excessive weight loss due to the use of some drugs. And having a nutritionist is very important in this regard, because people suffer from many problems due to the use of improper diets, which in the next steps to compensate for these issues will be lost time, money and health.

Diet does not only include reducing calorie intake, but also means regulating calorie intake and increasing or decreasing weight and increasing protein in bodybuilding and reducing the level of stored fat in the body along with exercise and regulating sleep and wakefulness and medications.

Existence of food side effects and reactions, bad eating habits, gastroesophageal reflux and other issues can also be the reasons why you need a specialist.

Continuous monitoring of health and nutrition is one of the main issues that, if done correctly and continuously without wasting time and reducing travel, can create many positive effects on the work process. A waste of energy We decided to create a digital file for all fields of health and treatment by creating a free user profile that has services such as telemedicine (contacting a doctor via image, audio and text) and a special application for this subject. The topic of nutritional health, daily diet adjustment and online consultation with a doctor who specializes in teaching the correct lifestyle, etc., are among the topics that we have considered for you. ... is one of the topics we have considered in order to adjust your fitness.

Tourism angels in an interdisciplinary collaboration, we have a nutrition team and a nutrition clinic, which has a team and multidisciplinary coordination with specific medical specialties and skills.

These facilities can be provided to all worlds, regardless of distance, due to the existence of remote services. These services are provided both in person and online.

Nutrition services for people who have traveled to Iran in person for other beauty and weight loss services and other medical problems are completely free or at the lowest possible cost.


Steps to perform nutritional measures in person or online through the user profile:

1. Fill in the initial application form and sign the pre-contract

2. Contact a nutritionist and medical expert through a user profile

3- Creating a digital file and sending and performing tests

4- Preparing tickets and visas and necessary measures to go to Iran if you wish to visit in person

5- Welcoming and accommodating and visiting the clinic with a medical expert fluent in your language and concluding an in-person contract

6- Performing diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the medical center

7- Visiting tourist and recreational facilities upon request

8- Training to follow up on medical affairs through digital profiles and paper brochures for post-treatment and paraclinical care

9- Preparing a ticket and taking the necessary measures to return to the country of origin



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