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Cosmetic surgery


ENT specialist in Iran

The best ENT specialist in Iran

The best ENT specialist in Iran / the best specialized ENT clinics and hospitals in Iran


An ENT specialist specializes in nasal and head sinuses, polyp treatment, head and neck surgery, head and neck tumor treatment, rhinoplasty and sinusitis treatment.

An ENT specialist can expand and continue their expertise in one of the following areas:

Laryngology (laryngeal surgery and treatment of laryngeal diseases)
Ear specialty in children
 (Autoplasty)Ear surgery or Autology

Head and neck surgery
rhinology (for Nose job)


The ear specialist specializes in the treatment of diseases such as otitis, tinnitus, hearing loss, acute internal and external ear problems. The ENT specialist specializes in rhinoplasty such as polyps, sinus problems, allergies and taste disorders and rupture of the eardrum and ... he has clinical skills.

Diagnostic measures related to this specialty include audiometry and radiology and tests that are valuable in the diagnosis and treatment of these diseases. Collaborative disciplines related to this field include speech therapy and audiometry.

Surgeries related to this specialty can be cosmetic and therapeutic. Correction of deformities and deformity of the eardrum as common cosmetic procedures are also performed under the supervision of the best cosmetic specialists in our collection.

We, in Tourism angels group, are looking to reduce the length of hospital stay and perform the correct and principled clinical affairs.

And we are ready to give medical services with the use of the best medical staff in the field of diagnosis, treatment and care in international.

Upon your entry into Tourism angels Medical System, we will create and follow up on your medical procedures by creating a user profile and a free medical document. Coordinating a specialist nurse for primary care after surgery is also one of our special measures. Contacting your doctor and medical expert After cosmetic ear and nose surgeries, through user profiles and telemedicine, in order to follow special medical affairs and differentiate us from other companies and medical centers


Steps for treatment of ear, nose and throat problems:

1. Fill in the initial application form and sign the pre-contract

2. Contact ENT specialist and medical expert

3- Creating a digital file

4- Preparing tickets and visas and necessary measures to go to Iran

5- Welcoming and accommodating the patient in the hospital and concluding a face-to-face contract

6- Performing diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the medical center

7- Visiting tourist and recreational facilities upon request

8- Training to follow up on medical affairs through digital profiles and paper brochures for care after surgical and therapeutic procedures.

9- Preparing a ticket and taking the necessary measures to return to the country of origin




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