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Autoplasty surgery in Iran/Costs/Methods

Autoplasty surgery in Iran

Autoplasty surgery in Iran

Autoplasty surgery in Iran is a method of deformation of the ear for the case where the ear has a prominent and protruding state. In this case, part of the cartilage is removed and the ear is closer to the head and becomes more beautiful and natural.

Abnormal ear shapes:

- Being too big.

- A long distance from the head.

- Asymmetrical shape and size of the ears.

- Damage and fractures.

- Congenital defects

The role of ear in beauty:

The ears, because they are the junction of the hair on the face, as well as the accuracy of people to the symmetry, play an essential role in beauty.

Have you ever noticed that you have a better look at symmetrical objects or that some sizes and angles are more desired for you. These are all the nature of our aesthetics of human beings. Based on which we try to have the hair, the clothes and the body.


Who can perform Autoplasty surgery in Iran?

Autoplastic surgery is performed by a plastic surgeon or an ENT surgeon.

Autoplasty surgery is also suitable for children, who have been fully developed since childhood and performed this modification of shape and structure.

This age for children is enough to cooperate with a doctor, and the answer of parents after surgery is not to cooperate for ear care. (Usually for more than 5 years you can have ear surgery)


Adults and adolescents can also have Autoplasty surgery if:

1- Be in good health

2- No skin infectious problems

3- Do not have an incurable disease


Ear disorders:

Hidden ear: In this case, the ear is hidden inside the head, the upper part of the ear is completely or partially placed inside the head.

Retraction of the ear: In this disorder, the ear does not have skin or cartilage behind the ear

Macrotia( Big Ear): In this case the ear is too big

Microtia (small ear): In this case the ear is too small and has not grown

Kassman's ear (question mark): In this disorder, there is no gap between the earlobe and the outer curvature of the ear

Gap in the earloa: There is indentation in the earloa

Deformity: The ear folds up and the edge of the beam is like (thugs or spaces)

Wildermuth's ear: In this disorder, the upper curvature of the bush is reversed and is located towards the head (i.e. inwards)

Tubular ear: In this case the ear is folded like a tube of paper

Hanging ear: In this case, the procedure is like a cup and the curvature of the ear is inward (i.e. towards the head)

Cat ears: The edges of the ear are leaning forward (like cat ears)

Kagut Ear: In this case, the ears have no edge

Autoplasty surgery in Iran has two reconstructive and cosmetic conditions.


How is Autoplasty surgery performed?

The public's perception of cosmetic ear surgery is that the ear is protruding and part of the cartilage is removed and the ear is taken inwards and stitched.

In the case of Autoplasty surgery, there are actually no clear structural and functional shapes and are done only for the purpose of beauty. Autoplasty surgery in Iran can be performed with complete anesthesia or anesthesia and does not have a length of stay and the patient is discharged immediately.


Reconstructive ear surgery:

In Reconstructive Autoplasty surgery, there is clear deformity and functional problems (poor hearing due to being a child of the external ear).

Reconstructive Autoplasty surgery is performed according to the type of ear disorder. In Reconstructive Autoplasty surgery, sometimes the ear needs to be removed from the head or enlarged by a cartilage graft (cartilage is removed from the living) or shrink by removing part of the cartilage. For detailed information about the type of surgery according to the relevant disorder, you can contact our medical experts.


3 Some of the disorders with which people go to Autoplasty surgery in Iran.

1- Big Ear

2- Small Corner

3- Extra cartilage and ear fractures in athletes

4- Prominent and protruding ears


Preparations before Autoplasty surgery

1- Avoid smoking and alcohol because it increases the risk of bleeding

2- If you are taking blood thinners such as aspirin and analgesics such as gelofen and ibuprofen, they should be discontinued 10 days before surgery.

3- Discuss your health history and illness with your doctor

4- Have 1 person with you to accompany you after Autoplasty surgery

5- Be sure to go to the bathroom the night before Autoplasty surgery


Postoperative Autoplasty surgery care:

1- Be sure to change the dressings

2- Acetaminophen can be used if there is pain after Autoplasty surgery

3- Don't sleep on the sides of the ears

4- Avoid smoking

5- After 48 hours you can go to the bathroom but do not massage your ears in the bathroom

6- Tell your doctor if you have secretions or ear-cape or hearing loss


The cost of autoplasty in Iran:

The cost of Autoplasty surgery in Iran, like other cosmetic surgery, is very low, but this price is determined according to the type of disorder. For more information on prices, check the price list or talk to our health experts online.




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