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Corneal transplant surgery in Iran

Corneal transplantation in iran

The best method for cornea transplant in Iran / The best eye surgeon for cornea transplant surgery in Iran / The best super-specialized eye hospitals for cornea transplant surgery in Iran

Surgical sutures and incisions: Not visible
Place of corneal implantation: Hospital or ophthalmology clinics in Iran
Time required to stay in Iran: 10-14 days
Time of corneal implant surgery: 1-2 hours
corneal transplantation anesthesia: Complete anesthesia / anesthesia


Recovery time / return to work: 2-3 weeks
Duration of hospitalization / discharge: on the same day after corneal implant surgery
See the effects of corneal implantation: Immediately after corneal implantation, vision improves and gradually improves.
The cost of corneal implantation in Iran: 1950-3450 dollars
Other services: hotel, medical visa, transfer, ticket, tourism services and...
Free services: Telemedicine, free internet visit before and after surgery, free digital medical record

The cornea is a transparent layer in front of the eye through which light reaches the optic nerves and the image is detected. The basic principle in this regard is the clarity and smoothness of the outer layer of the cornea.


What is corneal transplantation?

- In case of blurred vision and corneal opacity

- Corneal restoration

- Eye pain caused by cornea

-Corneal infections that are not treated with medication.

- Corneal swelling following eye surgery (cataracts)

- Keratoconus

- Corneal ulcer due to herpes virus

- Chemical eye burns

- Second transplant following the retract of the eye deterioration transplant


Corneal transplantation has two conditions:

full-thickness grafting (the whole cornea is removed and a healthy cornea is replaced)

Layer link (only the damaged layer is removed and replaced with the same layer)

The cornea is provided with a transplant from the eyes of people who have been brain dead and have donated their organs if their families agree to it.


Postoperative care of corneal transplant surgery:

- Use plastic shielding

- Avoid bending and straining and removing heavy equipment

- Do not bend your head and get help from your knees

- Do not enter the eye in shampoo head wash

- Avoid rubbing your eyes

- You can complete your daily routine after 4 weeks

Iran, along with other countries in the field of corneal transplantation, has a number of transplants of 8,000 people annually according to the Eye Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

For corneal transplantation for foreigners, there are special rules that you can talk to our experts for information. In case of emergency, this is not a problem, but if the patients themselves have the person to donate the organ, this will be done.

However, in certain cases artificial corneas can also be used for this, which is not likely to be grafted at all.


Can healthy eye stem cells be used instead of damaged cells under certain conditions?

 For those who have suffered from both eyes and the rest of the eye layers are healthy, first-degree relatives stem cells (father, mother, siblings) can be used to correct this problem.


Cost of eye transplantation (cornea) in Iran:

The costs of this work can vary according to the chosen treatment method, but Iran has the most appropriate costs according to the type of services provided to individuals. For more information about corneal transplantation, message us in the free consultation section to have free medical advice with medical experts and ophthalmologists.

Ophthalmology services in Iran and Angels Tourism Company:

In addition to clinical and therapeutic services for tourists, electronic medical records are provided free of charge for tourists and 6 months of telemedicine support is provided for all patients via the app to prevent complications.

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