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Eye cataract surgery in Iran

Eye cataract treatment or surgery in Iran

Eye cataract treatment or surgery in Iran / The best ophthalmologist in Iran / The best eye clinics and hospitals in Iran


Cataracts are one of the problems caused by aging, in which the lens of the eye becomes opaque and the power of vision decreases. In this surgery, the opaque lens is removed and replaced with an artificial lens.

Cataracts are the third cause of blindness in the world that can be caused by diabetes, aging and having a family history and dealing with red light and exposure to radiotherapy.

This surgery with 95% success can give you a new looking life.


Cataract surgery requires hospitalization and sterile operating room and anesthesia that the eye surgeon performs this surgery with the help of a microscope with three different methods:

1- Phacoemulsification: In less than 30 minutes, it is performed with weak anesthetic without incision and sutures using femtosecond laser.

2- Out-capsule method: The lens is completely removed and replaced more advanced than other methods, but the recovery period is longer.

3- In-capsule method: Less use.


Preparations before cataract surgery:

1- Before cataract surgery, initial consultation is needed, which is done through telemedicine.

2- After traveling to Iran and face-to-face examination, measurement of corneal dissolution with keratometer before surgery should be performed.

3- Notify your doctor if you have any eye surgery performed on you.

4- Notify your doctor if you use certain medications, supplements or herbal medicines and have allergies

5- The patient must be unhappy in order to be anesthetized.


Postoperative cataract surgery care:

- Avoid eye makeup

- Let our treatment experts know if you have symptoms of infection

- Use medications and eye drops regularly

- Avoid heavy exercise

- Don't manipulate your eye protection

- Avoid exposure to wind and dust

- Avoid washing eyes and face with stimulant detergents

- Blurring of the eyes in the first few days is normal to be corrected over time, but if your eyesight decreases, let our health experts know.

- Tell your doctor and experts if there is pain in the eyes


Costs of cataract surgery in Iran:

The costs of cataract surgery in Iran are very suitable compared to other countries in the region and the world. One million cataract surgeries are performed annually for Iranians and tourists abroad and Iran has high experience in this regard. For detailed information on tariffs, please check the price list or request free medical advice online so that our experts and doctors will announce the cost of this operation for you at the same time as providing medical advice.

Upon your arrival at Iran, your previous and present medical information in Iran will be provided in the form of digital medical records inside an application that will be installed on your phone, and telemedicine is also provided in this app for tourists.

Six months of free support and daily history is intended to prevent complications and treat your illness.



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