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Cause of leukemia | Why do we get leukemia?

Cause of leukemia

Leukemia symptoms / Leukemia treatment in Iran / The best oncology hospitals and clinics for the treatment of leukemia in Iran / The best oncology and hematology specialist for the treatment of leukemia in Iran

The cost of chemotherapy in Iran: average 2000-3000 dollars (depending on the type of drug used and the number of chemotherapy sessions)

The cost of radiotherapy in Iran: 140-1500 dollars

Average stay in Iran: 10-25 days
Return to work after chemotherapy and leukemia treatment: 10-15 days

Place of hospitalization: Specialized hospitals for the treatment of leukemia in Iran

Duration of hospital stay: Depends on the course of treatment.
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What is leukemia?

Leukemia is a type of cancer that occurs in the body's hematopoietic tissues. Tissues including bone marrow and lymphatic system.

There are several types of leukemia. Some are more common in children, and others are more common in adults.

Leukemia often occurs in globules or white blood cells. White blood cells are antibodies that fight infections and usually divide and grow in a regular way. Just as much as the body needs. But in people with leukemia or leukemia, the bone marrow tissue produces too much white blood cells. Cells that do not function properly. Cause of leukemia

Leukemia is one of the most dangerous types of cancer, and although it can be treated, it can be very difficult and sensitive.

Treatment for leukemia can be very complex depending on the type of leukemia and other factors. But there are solutions that can increase the chances of treating this cancer.

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Causes of leukemia

Scientists still do not know exactly what the main cause of leukemia is. Like many other cancers, a combination of genetic and environmental factors appear to cause this cancer.

Leukemia is generally thought to occur when certain blood cells undergo changes or mutations in their genetic material or DNA. A cell's DNA contains instructions that tell the cell what to do. The information in DNA usually tells the cell to grow at a certain speed and die at a certain time. In cases of leukemia, genetic mutations in some of these cells tell them to continue to grow and multiply instead of dying at a certain time.

When this happens, the production of blood cells gets out of control. Over time, these abnormal cells in the bone marrow tissue grow so large that they outnumber normal cells. This causes the body to produce fewer healthy cells or white blood cells, red blood cells and platelets. This event will eventually cause the signs and symptoms of leukemia. Cause of leukemia


Therefore, regular check-ups will be necessary for people with a family history of cancer, especially leukemia. Because having a family history, especially first-degree relatives, puts a person at a higher risk of developing leukemia. Genetic testing can be a good solution for high-risk people.

Many risk factors have been identified that can contribute to leukemia. Factors such as radiation exposure, history of treatment for other cancers and age over 65 years. Researchers have studied a combination of genetic and environmental factors that are believed to increase the risk of leukemia.


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leukemia risk factors include:

Genetic predisposition and genetic history of leukemia

Down Syndrome

Human T-lymphotropic virus (HTLV)

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Exposure to petrochemicals, such as benzene

Exposure to artificial ionizing radiation

Chemotherapy used to treat other types of cancer

Smoking and tobacco

Use of certain chemical hair dyes and dangerous cause of leukemia


Symptoms of leukemia

The symptoms of leukemia can vary depending on the type of leukemia a person has.
Common signs and symptoms of leukemia include:

Fever and chills for no reason

Persistent fatigue and weakness

Recurrent or severe infections

Weight loss for no reason

Swollen lymph nodes and enlarged liver or spleen

Easy bleeding or bruising of various parts of the body

Frequent nosebleeds

The appearance of tiny red spots on the skin is the cause of leukemia

Excessive sweating, especially at night

Bone pain or tenderness


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Diagnosis of leukemia

Doctors can diagnose the severe type of leukemia with a simple blood test, even before the onset of symptoms. If this happens or you have signs and symptoms of leukemia, your doctor may perform one or more of the following diagnostic procedures for you:

Physical examination of the cause of leukemia

blood test

Bone marrow test

Leukemia treatment

The choice of treatment for leukemia depends on several factors. The doctor will determine the treatment options for leukemia based on the patient's age, general health, type of leukemia, and whether it has spread to other parts of the body.

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The most common methods of treating leukemia in Iran are:


Targeted treatment


bone marrow transplant

Stem cell transplantation





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