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Partial mastectomy and complete mastectomy in Iran

Partial mastectomy and mastectomyPartial mastectomy and Complete mastectomy in Iran / Breast cancer treatment with mastectomy surgery in Iran / The best hospitals for breast surgery Breast cancer treatment in Iran / The best surgeon for breast surgery in Iran / The best surgical clinics of specialized hospitals for breast surgery in Iran

The cost of chemotherapy for breast cancer in Iran: 2,000-3,000 $ on average (depending on the type of drug used and the number of chemotherapy sessions)
Cost of mastectomy in Iran: 1400-1950 $
The cost of radiotherapy for breast cancer in Iran: 140-1,500 dollars
Average stay in Iran: 7-10 days
Return to work after breast surgery: 12-15 days
Analgesia or method of anesthesia for mastectomy: Complete anesthesia
Location of surgery: General public hospitals in Iran
Duration of hospitalization: 1 day
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Partial mastectomy

Mastectomy is the name of one of the most common types of breast surgery. But not breast surgery for cosmetic purposes! Mastectomy is a surgical procedure for the elimination of breast cancer, and among other therapeutic breast surgeries.

In general, surgery is still often the best and safest way to treat breast cancer. Because it can directly, and in the shortest possible time, remove the cancerous tumor from the body and prevent cancer. Surgery treats cancer with a high chance, but whether surgery is a good option for you will depend on the condition of the cancer.

Mastectomy itself is divided into different types and forms, in this article we intend to deal with the common type of partial or partial mastectomy. The choice of mastectomy depends on a number of factors, including the patient's physical condition, general health, cancer status, stage or grade of the cancer, the extent and severity of the breast cancer, and the treatments the person has already done or is doing.

The choice of mastectomy will depend on the opinion of your therapist and breast surgeon, but ultimately the decision to have a mastectomy is an individual decision that the patient must make by weighing its pros and cons.

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Incomplete mastectomy

Incomplete mastectomy is another name for partial mastectomy. In fact, this operation, which is one of the derivatives of mastectomy in general, has its own name and is called lumpectomy.

A mastectomy is a procedure that most people know as a breast augmentation procedure. But a partial mastectomy or lumpectomy is different from a normal mastectomy. The whole breast is not emptied during a lumpectomy. Instead, the part of the breast where the mass or cancerous masses are located will be removed. In this way, the person can maintain a high percentage of their breast volume.

The best time to have a lumpectomy is when the cancerous tumors are limited and have not spread to the entire breast. In this case, the surgeon can remove all the cancerous tumors from the body and cure the cancer by cutting only a maximum of a quarter of the breast. Without wanting to empty the entire volume of the breast. In general, all breast surgeons prefer a lumpectomy to a complete mastectomy. Because mastectomy is not pleasant for any disease due to complete evacuation of the breast and has its own pains. In the meantime, partial lumpectomy or mastectomy is a less invasive procedure and causes less damage to the breast tissue.

This is why lumpectomy is more common than mastectomy. However, if the cancer has reached a higher and more advanced stage, the lumpectomy will no longer be responsive, and in surgical procedures, the patient will have no choice but to have a complete mastectomy.


Breast reconstruction after partial mastectomy

Many people worry about losing their breast volume after a lumpectomy. In the first place, it is good to know that the surgeon does his best to make surgical incisions in areas that do not have much vision. In addition, surgical wounds often heal to a large extent and do not leave much room.

Secondly, you should know that you can completely compensate for the lost volume of the breast by breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction is a type of surgery that can compensate for the reduced volume of the breast by using special implants or prostheses for the breast, which are mostly made of silicone and whose tissue is very close to the natural tissue of the breast. If you see a breast cancer surgeon, he or she can perform the reconstruction even at the same time as the partial mastectomy so that you do not notice a change in the size of the breasts after the operation.

In addition to using prostheses such as implants, fat injections into the breast can also be used. Some time after the operation, the fat doctor drains some other areas of the body and injects them into the breasts to gain more volume. In general, however, fat is never as stable as an implant and has less ductility.

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Radical mastectomy

When the cancer is very advanced and the tumors and cancer cells have spread throughout the breast, a lumpectomy will no longer be possible to treat the patient. In these cases, you only need to remove the entire cancerous breast to prevent the cancer from progressing. In most cases, a complete mastectomy is performed on only one breast, but both breasts should be emptied if necessary.

In a radical mastectomy, the entire breast is removed. Including the nipples, the colored area around them, the outer skin, the axillary lymph nodes and even the muscles on the chest. Radical mastectomy is the most severe type of breast cancer surgery. Radical mastectomy has been the standard treatment for breast cancer for many years. But it rarely happens today. It is only done when the cancer cells have spread to the chest muscles.


Complications of mastectomy

All surgeries have their risks and complications. Some possible consequences of a mastectomy include:

Temporary swelling of the breast

Chest sores

Tighten the incisions and leave them on the skin of the chest

Infection or bleeding of operative wounds

Swelling of the arm, if the axillary lymph nodes are removed

Restriction of hand movement

Feeling of pain in the emptied chest

Usually after mastectomy, some colorless fluid collects in the breast area. If the presence of this fluid bothers you, it is better to see your specialist surgeon for a solution. The accumulation of this liquid can be dissolved by pressure. On the other hand, it can be removed with a drain needle.


After a mastectomy, the scar is likely to remain in the treated area.


On the other hand, depression and feelings of loss of sexual identity are also common in patients who have had a mastectomy. Breast reconstruction surgery and compensating for the lost volume of the breast can help a lot in resolving these feelings.


The best breast cancer surgeon

Breast cancer surgery is a field that is one of the new fields. That is why there are not many experts in this field. So in many cases, it is the general surgeons who perform breast cancer surgery. That is, surgeons who, although skilled in general surgery, do not specialize in breast surgery.

Fortunately, some doctors specializing in breast surgery have been working in the country for some time. These surgeons, all of whom have completed their postgraduate studies abroad, are the best option for performing a variety of breast surgeries. Because they work professionally on this particular organ and have sufficient knowledge of all its aspects. They are also the only group of doctors who can perform cosmetic and breast reconstruction surgeries in the best way at the same time as medical surgeries.

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The best country to treat breast cancer

It is always difficult to choose which method is best for treating cancer, or the best breast cancer specialist for patients. There are many patients who turn to different specialists for the treatment of breast cancer that it is too late to treat.

Iran, as a developed country in the field of medicine and a country that has very low costs for the treatment of breast cancer, can be a very good option for those who want to be treated with the least in the best cancer treatment centers.

For example, we compare the cost of breast cancer treatment using chemotherapy or surgery in some countries of the world and Iran.


Cost of breast removal surgery in Iran: 1450 - 1950 $

The cost of mastectomy in Canada: 9,500 - 11,000 $

The cost of breast cancer surgery in the United States: 13,500 - 16500 $

Cost of breast augmentation surgery in Australia: 15,000 - 21,000 $

The cost of mastectomy in Turkey: 4,000 - 6,000 $

The cost of mastectomy in India: 3500 – 5000 $




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