Breast Surgery Objectives and types of breast surgery in Iran

Breast Surgery

Breast surgery for treatment and beauty in Iran / review and explanation of types of breast surgery / the best surgeon for breast surgery in Iran / the best cosmetic surgery clinics and hospitals for breast surgery in Iran



breast surgery

Breast surgery is a procedure that shapes women's breasts. Such surgeries are performed for a variety of reasons.

As we have mentioned many times in the articles on this website, there are two main reasons for breast surgery. These surgeries are performed either for cosmetic purposes, such as breast reconstruction and rejuvenation, and resizing. Or they are done for medical purposes, such as breast reduction to reduce pressure on the neck and back or to treat cancer.


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What is breast surgery?

Breast surgery is a procedure that can be performed on the breasts of women and even men. There are several types of breast surgery. Some are done for therapeutic purposes, such as cancer treatment, and others for cosmetic reasons (breast plastic surgery). The different purposes of breast surgery are:


Therapeutic goals

Breast cancer surgery (lumpectomy and mastectomy): In these surgeries, part or all of the breast is removed, along with a number of surrounding lymph nodes, to remove cancerous masses and cells.

Preventive surgeries (preventive mastectomy): Sometimes it is necessary for high-risk people, such as people who have a high genetic chance of developing breast cancer, to have a chance of getting cancer in the future by having preventive breast augmentation surgeries or prophylactic mastectomy. Bring it close to zero.

Removal of non-cancerous breast masses: In some cases, it is necessary to remove non-cancerous breast masses during surgery. These lumps either cause discomfort or have a chance of becoming cancerous in the future.

Breast reduction: Although this surgery is often performed for cosmetic purposes, if the large size of the breasts has caused discomfort to the person, including back, shoulder and neck pain, use breast reduction surgery for therapeutic purposes. Becomes.


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Is breast surgery an outpatient procedure?

The answer to this question depends on the type of surgery you intend to perform.

Breast cancer surgeries, breast augmentation and breast reduction are some of the surgeries that can be performed both on an outpatient basis and under anesthesia.

Most lumpectomy surgeries, or minor breast surgeries, are performed on an outpatient basis.

Most mastectomy or breast augmentation surgeries are also performed under anesthesia and require at least one night of hospitalization.

Talk to your surgeon about whether your surgery will be performed on an outpatient basis.


Can men also have breast surgery?

Yes. There are some men who get a complication called gynecomastia. In this complication, men's breasts enlarge. Although gynecomastia is often due to hormonal disorders and can improve on its own after a while, many men prefer to treat it with surgery.


Men, on the other hand, can get breast cancer. And perform breast surgery to treat breast cancer.


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What are the risks and dangers of breast surgery?

All surgeries have their own risks and risks. From the general risks of surgery to the specific risks of surgery. Breast surgery is no exception. Risks of breast surgery include:

Risks of anesthesia



Changes in the feeling of the nipple and the breast itself

Wounds and scars

Implant perforation in vivo

the pain

Need to have reoperation

Asymmetry of the appearance of the breasts

Increased risk of breast cancer (in cosmetic surgery)


A word of caution for people who are considering breast augmentation surgery: Breast implants can prevent the detection of signs and lumps of breast cancer. Breast cancer is a very serious complication. Also keep in mind that breast implants may not last forever. And cause you to need reoperation in the future. Weight loss, pregnancy and menopause can also change the shape of your breasts.


Does breast surgery hurt?

After breast reduction surgery, scars may form that can be replaced. Generally, if you have breast augmentation surgery, the pain will not last more than 5 days. However, the swelling and bruising of the operation may remain in place for up to a week.

Also, bruises remain after breast cancer surgery. In addition, the person may feel numbness or tingling in the entire chest area, and even in the armpits and upper arms. If you have pain and such feelings, try to relieve your symptoms by using painkillers, hot water baths and light exercise. You can also use vitamin E lotions on wound tissue with your doctor's permission.


The best country to treat breast cancer

It is always difficult to choose which method is best for treating cancer, or the best breast cancer specialist for patients. There are many patients who turn to different specialists for the treatment of breast cancer that it is too late to treat.

Iran, as a developed country in the field of medicine and a country that has very low costs for the treatment of breast cancer, can be a very good option for those who want to be treated with the least in the best cancer treatment centers.

For example, we compare the cost of breast cancer treatment using chemotherapy or surgery in some countries of the world and Iran.