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Does breast cancer hurt? | Recognize the main symptoms of breast cancer

Recognize the main symptoms of breast cancer

Definitive breast cancer treatment methods in Iran / The best oncologist and surgeon for breast cancer treatment in Iran / The best hospitals and cancer treatment clinics in Iran / What are the symptoms of breast cancer? / Breast cancer diagnosis methods

The cost of chemotherapy in Iran: 2,000-3,000 $ on average (depending on the type of drug used and the number of chemotherapy sessions)

Cost of mastectomy in Iran: 1400-1950 $

The cost of radiotherapy in Iran: 140-1,500 dollars

Average stay in Iran: 7-10 days

Return to work after breast surgery: 12-15 days

Analgesia or method of anesthesia for mastectomy: Complete anesthesia

Location of surgery: General public hospitals in Iran

Duration of hospitalization: 1 day

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Does breast cancer hurt?

We usually think of pain as a sign that something is wrong with our body, which is why when people feel pain or inflammation in their chest, they usually think they have breast cancer. But the fact is that chest pain is rarely one of the most recognizable symptoms of breast cancer, and there are several other factors that can cause chest pain.

Chest pain, also known as mastalgia, can be caused by the following factors besides breast cancer:

Disruption of the body's hormonal balance, which is caused by menstruation

Some birth control pills

Some fertility treatments

A bra that is not the size

Breast cyst

Having large breasts that may be accompanied by pain in the neck, shoulders or back



Although pain can be a sign of breast cancer, the fact is that most breast cancers are not associated with pain. Pain is a secondary symptom of breast cancer that does not manifest itself in the early stages of cancer. So do not look for breast pain to diagnose breast cancer, because chest pain is one of the last signs of breast cancer. Does breast cancer hurt?

The belief that breast pain is a symptom of breast cancer has led many women to ignore the main symptoms of breast cancer and not be able to see a specialist for timely diagnosis and treatment. And the sooner you diagnose breast cancer, the better your chances of being cured and cured.

And since breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, which happens to have no obvious symptoms in the early stages, every woman is obliged to regularly check the condition of her breasts and look for signs of breast cancer.

Remember that just because you are a woman means you are also at risk for breast cancer. Therefore, every woman should take breast cancer seriously, and even if she follows a healthy lifestyle, look for its symptoms.


Types of breast cancer

There are generally two categories that shed light on the nature of breast cancer:

Non-invasive breast cancer. It is a cancer that has not been isolated from the primary tissue, and the site of the cancer, which is usually called stage zero breast cancer.

Invasive breast cancer. It is a cancer in which cancer cells have spread to surrounding tissues. Breast cancer is invasive in stages 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the category of breast cancer.

Breast tissue in which cancer has formed is also important in determining the type of cancer: Does breast cancer hurt?


Duct cancer, which is a cancer that develops in the milk ducts of the breast. This is the most common type of breast cancer.

Lobular cancer, which is a cancer that grows in the milk-producing glands inside the breast.

The sacrum, which is a cancer of the connective tissue of the breast. The sacrum is also a rare type of breast cancer.


Early signs of breast cancer

Severe pain, which may be accompanied by inflammation, often causes a person to suspect a serious complication in their body. If this pain is in the breast area, most women associate it with breast cancer. But the fact is that the sight or touch of breast masses is the first sign that people go to a specialist for an accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Does breast cancer hurt?

Breast cancer pain actually has features that make it different from normal breast pain. The pain of breast cancer is often very severe, persistent and long-lasting, the onset and decline of which has nothing to do with the menstrual cycle and is also frequent. If you experience such pain in your chest, you should see a specialist as soon as possible. Because breast cancer pain is a sign that breast cancer may have reached a higher stage.

Although breast cancer usually does not show any signs of itself in the early stages, early detection can play a crucial role in the treatment and survival of breast cancer. So it is better to look for the early signs.

In the early stages, a person may notice changes in their breasts during a regular monthly self-examination. Early signs of breast cancer include:


Nipple deformity Does breast cancer hurt?

Chest pain that does not go away after the next menstrual period

The formation of a mass in the breast that does not disappear after the next period.

Nipple discharge that may be colorless, red, brown, or yellow.

Unexplained redness, swelling, inflammation of the skin, itching or pimples on the chest

See or touch swelling or lumps around the collarbone or armpit


It is important to know that a lump that has abnormal edges and is hard is more likely to be cancerous.


The next symptoms of breast cancer are:

Sunken or back into the nipple

Breast enlargement

Depression of the chest surface

A lump or bump that gets bigger and bigger. Does breast cancer hurt?

Dots on the skin of the breast, like the skin of Portugal


Unintentional weight loss

Enlargement of the axillary lymph nodes

Clear blood vessels on the chest


Having one or more of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you have breast cancer. For example, nipple discharge can also be caused by an infection. But if you notice any of these symptoms, it is best to see a specialist immediately to make an accurate assessment of the condition of your breasts.


Breast masses

Although a lump inside the breast is often a sign of breast cancer, these lumps are not usually cancerous. Most of them are benign and non-cancerous.






The most common causes of breast lumps are:

Chest infection

Fibrocystic breast disease (bulging breasts)

Fibroadenoma (noncancerous tumors)

Fat necrosis (damaged tissues)

If there is fat necrosis, it is not possible to distinguish a benign mass from a cancerous mass without performing a biopsy or biopsy.


Although most breast lumps and glands are caused by less dangerous complications, new, painless lumps that appear in the breast are still the most common sign of breast cancer.


Symptoms of breast cancer in men

Although breast cancer does not often occur in men, breast cancer can occur in men of any age. Older men, however, are more likely to get it. Does breast cancer hurt?

Many people do not know that men also have breast tissue in their body and the cells of these tissues can also get cancerous changes. Because male breast cells are often much smaller than advanced female breast cells, naturally men are much less likely to get breast cancer than women.

The most common symptom of breast cancer in men is the formation of lumps in the breast tissue.


Apart from breast masses, other symptoms of male breast cancer include:

Tightening of breast tissue

Discharge from the nipple

Redness or scaling of the nipple

Nipple sunken

Redness, swelling, inflammation of the skin, itching or unexplained pimples in the chest area

Most men do not examine their breasts for signs and symptoms of breast cancer, which is why men usually get breast cancer much later than women. This has led to a much lower rate of men surviving breast cancer than women.


Diagnosis of breast cancer

When a person sees a specialist with concerns about pain, inflammation, or breast lumps, the treating physician performs tests to determine if breast cancer is present. Suitable tests and methods used to diagnose breast cancer include:


Physical examination

The doctor first examines the breast and the skin of the breast. It also examines the condition of the nipple problems and its possible discharge. He may also touch his chest and armpits to look for suspicious lumps. Does breast cancer hurt?


medical record

Your doctor will ask you questions about your medical history and illness. These questions include asking about the medications you are taking and the medical history of top family members. Because breast cancer can also be linked to a person's inherited genes and family history, it is important to tell your doctor if you have a family history of breast cancer. Your doctor will also ask you questions about any symptoms you have noticed.


Breast cancer imaging

The main way to diagnose breast cancer is to use different methods of breast imaging. Photographs and images taken of the breast during these procedures can well show whether there is a suspicious mass or condition in the breast. Although sometimes a chest x-ray may show no dangerous signs, if your doctor is still suspicious, he or she may order more accurate tests, such as a biopsy.


In addition, each method of breast cancer imaging has its own efficiency and depth of digging, which are selected at the discretion of the physician. The best methods for imaging and testing for breast cancer are: Does breast cancer hurt?



Your doctor may ask you to have a mammogram to check your breasts more closely. Mammography is an X-ray of the breast. This method helps to distinguish between benign and malignant breast masses.



Sound waves can also be used to image breast tissue.



Your doctor may ask you to have an MRI test along with other tests. MRI is another method of non-invasive imaging, which is used to examine and evaluate breast tissue. Does breast cancer hurt?



A biopsy is a procedure in which a very small piece of suspected breast tissue is removed and examined in a laboratory to see if there are any cancer cells.


Treatment of breast cancer

Treatment options can vary depending on the type and stage of breast cancer. But in general, there are common methods that doctors and specialists use to treat and control breast cancer. The most common methods of treating and fighting breast cancer are:


Lamectomy surgery: In this procedure, a breast cancer surgeon removes the cancerous mass and part of the surrounding healthy tissue. Lamectomy is the most common treatment for breast cancer.

Mastectomy: In this procedure, the doctor drains the entire breast tissue during surgery, including the tumor and other connective tissues of the breast. This surgery is for when the cancer cells have spread throughout the breast.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is a method that uses anti-cancer drugs to fight breast cancer. In this way, the drugs used disrupt the cells' ability to reproduce and divide more. Although chemotherapy can be effective, it is often used as an adjunct to breast surgery.

Radiotherapy: This treatment uses high-dose focused radiation, which is shone directly on the cancer cells.

Hormone therapy and targeted therapies: These methods are mostly used when hormones play an important role in cancer growth.


The best breast cancer treatment center

Assuming you have symptoms of breast cancer in your body, which doctor should you see for diagnosis and treatment?


The process itself can be so complicated that it wastes valuable time. On the other hand, to complete the process of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer, you should see different doctors. In addition, who determines which treatment will be the best treatment for you? So how do you know if you should see a breast surgeon, or a chemist?

It is in this context that the importance of choosing a treatment group shows itself.


Does breast cancer hurt?

By visiting a reputable medical center, you have practically referred to a group of doctors specializing in various fields who perform all the processes related to the control, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer for you. For this reason, you will no longer wander between different offices of specialist doctors and you will be sure that the best treatment method will be selected and implemented for you.

The best country to treat breast cancer

It is always difficult to choose which method is best for treating cancer, or the best breast cancer specialist for patients. There are many patients who turn to different specialists for the treatment of breast cancer that it is too late to treat.

Iran, as a developed country in the field of medicine and a country that has very low costs for the treatment of breast cancer, can be a very good option for those who want to be treated with the least in the best cancer treatment centers.

For example, we compare the cost of breast cancer treatment using chemotherapy or surgery in some countries of the world and Iran.




$ 1450-1950

Cost of breast removal surgery in Iran

$ 9,500- $ 11,000

The cost of mastectomy in Canada

$ 13,500-16500

The cost of breast cancer surgery in the United States

$ 15,000-21,000

Cost of breast augmentation surgery in Australia

$ 4,000- $ 6,000

The cost of mastectomy in Turkey

$ 3500-5000

The cost of mastectomy in India




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