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Perineoplasty in Iran(women's perineal injury treatment in Iran)

perinoplasty in Iran

What is Perineoplasty?

perinoplasty surgery is one of the ways to narrow the vaginal opening for beauty. This surgery aims to repair and tighten and beautify and improve the function of the vagina in sexual intercourse, etc. in women.
Perineoplasty is a surgery that tightens the area between your anus and vagina (the perineum). It improves sexual satisfaction, restores function and helps narrow your vaginal opening after childbirth or trauma


What is Perineum?

The perineum is the part of the genitals that lies between the anus and the opening of the vagina

Causes of perineal injury in women

1- Natural childbirth: In case of difficult deliveries / Frequent natural deliveries / Poor delivery technique / Unintentional tearing or tearing of the perineum to remove the baby

2- Obesity: Obesity that puts pressure on these muscles.

3- Severe and sudden weight loss: causes the perineal muscles to relax, causing skin lesions to appear.

4- Severe cough: in case of persistent lung disease and ...

5. Pelvic tumors or pelvic infections that have been treated.


Benefits of perineoplasty:

-Treatment of vaginal itching

-Eliminate abnormal vaginal tightness during sex (vaginismus)

- Improve pain during sex

-Treatment of urinary incontinence

-Treatment of rectocele (sagging of the bladder into the vaginal canal)

- Increase vaginal beauty

-Narrowing of the vaginal opening

- Create sexual attraction with cosmetic surgery

-Treatment of loose vaginal opening during sexual intercourse


How do they notice an abnormal opening of the vaginal opening?

Usually women go to the doctor to check this or hear from their sexual partner for the first time. Which is very undesirable. Symptoms that indicate vaginal relaxation include:

Feeling of pressure (bad feeling when doing heavy activity) in the pelvis

Feeling of fullness in the lower abdomen in the genital area

Abnormal pain during sex

Dissatisfaction of the sexual partner or the person during sexual intercourse

Frequent urination or incontinence

Lack of orgasm or delay in reaching orgasm

Recurrent vaginal or pelvic infections in women


How is perineoplasty performed?

In perineoplasty (narrowing of the vaginal opening), the back walls of the vagina are brought together and connected and sutured.

perineoplasty lasts 30 to 45 minutes and requires local anesthesia.

Note: If the opening of the vagina is due to loosening of the vaginal wall, vaginoplasty or other non-surgical (non-invasive) methods such as threaded vaginal lift or using a vaginal laser to tighten the vagina is a better choice.

But if the opening of the vagina is due to rupture of the vaginal opening, the best method of perinoplasty is to repair and beautify the genitals.


Preparations before perinoplasty surgery in Iran:

1- If the vagina is happy, use vaginal estrogen with a doctor's prescription

2- Shave the genitals the night before perineoplasty surgery.

3- Be sure to wash the vagina with non-irritating soap the night before surgery and one hour before surgery.

4- Doing Kegel exercises

5- Do not smoke and drink alcohol

6- Having a proper diet and consuming fluids


Care after perineoplasty surgery:

1- Abstain from sexual intercourse (by penetrating the vagina) for six weeks. They should not have an anal relationship either.

2- Avoid increasing the heavy activities of sports that cause pressure on the perineal area, such as cycling, horseback riding, etc., and lifting heavy objects and climbing stairs.

3- The pain related to surgery is relieved with suppositories and analgesic pills

4- The surgical site should be dry and clean and the dressings should be changed regularly.

5- After removing the dressing and some, it is recommended to use the pad daily.

6- Increase fluid and fiber intake to prevent constipation (if you have constipation, lactalose syrup or MOM syrup can be used with a doctor's prescription)

7- If you have symptoms of infection (infectious and foul-smelling discharge, fever, lethargy, redness and inflammation at the site of surgery), inform our surgeon or our medical experts.

8- Inform your doctor in case of clear and continuous bleeding.

9- Fill in your daily history sheet in the Angels of Tourism treatment application to adjust your treatment and care plan based on it.


Comparison of perineoplasty costs in Iran and other countries:

perineoplasty in Iran has the best cost-to-quality ratio. For detailed information on costs, you can contact our medical experts and enter your contact information through the application form or through free online chat (free evaluation). Talk to our healthcare professionals and take advantage of our special discounts.

Six months of support and telemedicine to talk to a gynecologist and plastic surgeon are also part of our medical services.





3,500- 4,500

Cost of perinoplasty surgery in the United States

4,000- 5,000


Cost of perinoplasty surgery in Turkey



Cost of perinoplasty surgery in Iran


Cost of perinoplasty surgery in India

10,000- 12,000

Cost of perinoplasty surgery in Australia


Cost of perinoplasty surgery in the UAE




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