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Specialist in traditional medicine in Iran

The best traditional medicine specialist in Iran

The best traditional medicine specialist in Iran / traditional medicine specialist centers in Iran

For several years, the subject of the combined demand for modern medicine and traditional medicine has been considered by therapistsOriental traditional medicine as well as traditional medicine in Iran has a long history and it is confirmed by people like Ibn Sina and ... . This field is currently taught in medical universities under the title of specialization. This issue has also been considered by the World Health Organization and medical education centers under the title of herbal remedy.

Using traditional medicine specialists and preparing and presenting herbs to supplement your treatment with the coordination of your doctor is a method that we have considered to prevent the interference of herbal and medicinal treatment.

In addition to medicinal plants, traditional therapies such as butt therapy, cupping and incense therapy, etc. are topics that we intend to use scientifically and valuable in treatment.

Also, designing special visits for traditional medicine therapists online and in person and documenting this information is one of the topics that we have raised with a professional view of the capabilities of traditional medicine. (via in electronic file and patient digital profile) With the revival of traditional and oriental medicine, our collections seek to provide a healthier lifestyle and less use of chemical drugs under the supervision of doctors and therapists. The Tourism angels is ready to provide services to you by presenting traditional medicine along with modern medical medicine by selecting the recipients of services in medical tourism services.



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