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Cosmetic surgery


Thigh lift cosmetic surgery in Iran (thighplasty)

Thigh cosmetic surgery

Thigh lift in Iran (thighplasty in Iran)

With aging, the skin of the body becomes loose and becomes sagging and wrinkled, or in weight gain and fat accumulation, the thighs become fat and deformed and sagging and wrinkled. Also, those who have lost significant weight after pregnancy or diets also suffer from sagging thighs.

Thigh lift surgery in Iran is used to remove sagging thigh skin and thigh becomes more attractive and beautiful.


Thigh lift is done in two ways:

 Thigh lift surgery in Iran(thighplasty): During this procedure, a vertical surgical incision along the thigh lifts the skin.

 Mini thigh lift surgery in Iran(mini thighplasty):In this procedure, a horizontal incision is made in the groin and a thigh skin lift is performed.


Which part of the thigh is affected by sagging skin?

Usually, the inner parts of thighs sag due to weight gain, and the outer part of thigh is caused by severe weight loss, etc., which can also be lifted at the same time by buttocks lift surgery. However, according to the degree of sagging and its location, a thigh lift is used.

Who is thigh lift surgery suitable for?

- People who have experienced severe weight loss after obesity.

- People who have had liposuction or lipolysis surgery.

- People after aging and loosening of the skin genetically


Complete thigh lift surgery in Iran is used to lift and straighten the inside and outside of thigh, and a vertical incision is used because of the large sag. During this procedure, excess skin and fat from the thighs are removed and the muscles and skin are brought closer together and sutured.


Who is mini thigh lift surgery suitable for?

Mini thighplasty in Iran or mini thigh lift surgery is suitable for those who have sagging thigh skin on the inner part of thigh. Drooping of the inner thigh is seen in aging and sudden weight loss and liposuction.

The diagnosis of whether a person is performed a full thigh lift or a mini thigh lift has a very significant impact on the final results. Mini thigh lift only lifts one-third of the inner thigh, and the outer and back of the thigh requires a full lift and a vertical cut along the thigh.


Will the surgical incisions remain after thigh lift surgery?

The question most users ask us is about their concern about the location of sutures, surgical incisions, and damage to the beauty of thighs and body.

In response, we must say that after thigh lift surgery or any other type of surgery, some of the incision site is left, but if the plastic surgeon does this with thin sutures and threads which are used for cosmetics, the suture site is much less remains from other surgeries. After surgery, ointments such as Alpha should be used, which will quickly heal and eliminate the stitches. Some other combination ointments are given to patients after surgery to remove the surgical incision. Micro-needling or meso-needling or laser can be used after surgery to remove the scar at the surgical site.

Scar (suture incision) in mini thigh lift surgery is on the groin and creases at the junction of the thigh and pelvis or below the abdomen. This part remains under the underwear (shorts) and is not visible.

Scar (surgical incision) in full thigh lift surgery, because it is vertical, its effects remain and using the methods mentioned above, the location of the effects and their persistence can be reduced.

Do not worry about the location of the lift cut. To remove the thigh lift surgery scar, we have post-treatment sessions for all patients.


Thigh lift surgery pre-preparations:

- Do not smoke for two weeks before thigh lift surgery

- Do not consume alcohol one month before thigh lift surgery

- Do not take aspirin, gelofen, and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) one week before thigh lift surgery.

- Consumption of fluids the night before thigh lift surgery and not eating and fasting from 12 o'clock the night before cosmetic surgery

- Get 5 to 7 days off from work to rest after your thigh lift.

- Inform your plastic surgeon and anesthesiologist of all medical records and medications you are taking.


Cosmetic thigh lift surgery after care:

- Change the dressing of the stitches regularly daily and if they get dirty sooner, you can change it earlier than 24 hours.

- Do not go to the pool and swim in the sea, etc. for a month.

- Rest and do not do heavy activities for 2 weeks.

- Do not use the stairs to climb because it will open the wound and tear the sutures; Use elevator.

- You can take a bath from 3 to 4 days after surgery, but avoid direct contact of irritating detergents with the wound. (Wash the wound with ordinary soap and water)

- If you have severe bleeding from the surgery site or have signs of infection, including redness of the skin or white infectious discharge from the wound, lethargy or high fever, contact the doctor and medical experts of Tourism Angels.


Cost of thigh lift surgery in Iran:

The costs of thighplasty in Iran are very low and appropriate compared to other countries, but to determine the cost of thigh lift surgery, it is necessary to determine the type of thigh lift (full or mini thigh lift) and the degree of sagging skin. For medical advice and sending photos for surgery and knowing our exact prices, you can contact us via WhatsApp or online visit in the site request section. After entering the request and sending the information, our experts and doctors will contact you as soon as possible.

The cost of thigh lift surgery in the United States is approximately $ 8,000 to $ 11,000, while with a quarter to one-fifth of this cost, you can perform thigh lift surgery in Iran. The cost of a thigh lift in Australia is $ 8,500 to $ 13,000. While cost of a thigh lift in Iran one-eighth to one-tenth the cost of thigh lift surgery in Australia.

Enter our request and receive free medical advice to find out about our discounts.





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