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Russian lip gel injection in Iran

Lip gel injection in iran

lip volume increae by using the Russian lip method in Iran

Whenever we talk about Russia, we think about light skin and beautiful models. Russians have beautiful lips, which is one of the main reasons for the beauty of their face. The proportion between the arch and the face lines and the geometric fit has a very important impact on the beautiful look of people.

The reason for the naming of this model of lips is because of the similarity of this model after injection of gel into the lips of the Russian race. (The Russians are one of the most beautiful races on the planet)

What does the Russian lip gel model look like?

In Russian lip gel injection procedure, the volume of the lips increases, but due to the normal and low volume of injection, the size of the lips seems completely normal.
Those with small, compact lips can use this method for their beauty.

What type of gel is used in Russian lip injection?

All gels and materials of choice for health and beauty in Tourism Angels Company are FDA licensed and are fully compatible with the tissue and body structure. For example, it can be said that gels such as Juvéderm, alanseh, etc. are used.

Shelf life of Russian lip gel injection:

Russian lip gel injection procedure has durability according to the selected gel type. This time can vary from 6 months to one year. You can talk more about more durability and costs in consulting with our doctors and get expert cosmetic surgery advice.


Advantages of Russian lip gel injection in Iran (Russian lip model):

People who are looking for a natural model and having a simultaneous beauty can use this method to inject into the lips. Having a camel lip or duck lip does not have a good appearance. And for people who want to have the right beauty of behavior and social relations at the same time, it doesn't look good, and our best suggested method is the Russian lip model.

With age, the lip tissue is degraded and the volume of the lips decreases and drooping and wrinkles on the lips are created. Gel injections can solve these problems and have a beautiful appearance.


Preparation before gel injection in Russian lip model:

Discuss your illness and health history with your doctor.

Using cigarettes and alcohol can have bad effects on your healing process and also change the color of your lips. Before lip injection, quit smoking two to three months before the gel injection to return the normal volume of the lips and their original color, after which you can make a proper decision about the volume of the injection gel.

Tell your doctor if you are using certain anticoagulants or other medications.

If you have herpes, Russian lip gel injection procedure is not possible

Gel injections do not hurt because you will be numbed before the gel is injected, as well as oral acetaminophen copper or other NSAID can be used.


Russian lip gel injection care:

1- Preventing the bite of the lips by the teeth

2- Not putting pressure on the lips

3- Not using spicy food

4- No smoking and hookah

5- For 4 to 6 days after Russian lip gel injection procedure, your lips will have inflammation, which will reach its normal state after this period.


The cost of lip injection of Russian model in Iran:

The cost of Russian lip injection in Iran is very cheap considering that this is an outpatient clinical procedure and you can return to your home after gel injection and do your normal daily activities. For more information about the price of russian lip injections in Iran and other cosmetic services, contact our experts and fill out the request for services.


How long does gel injection take?

Gel injection takes about 10 to 30 minutes.





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