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Cosmetic surgery


Sexual rehabilitation with surgery in Iran

The best gynecological surgeon and urologist in Iran


The best gynecological surgeon and urologist in Iran / specialized hospital centers and specialized surgery clinics in Iran

Healthy living has different physical, mental and sexual dimensions, and it is important to pay attention to all these dimensions.


The sexual rehabilitation and urinary control treatment team consists of a medical and psychology team consisting of a clinical psychologist, psychiatrist, urologist, gynecologist, neurologist, and surgeon. Our treatments include the following:
Psychotherapy (sex therapy) and ...

Internet psychotherapy



Pulse therapy

Magnetic stimulation of the brain using the rTMS device

Electrical stimulation of the brain using a tDCS device


Non-invasive medical equipment to change the size of a man's penis

Vaginoplasty surgery

Penile enlargment surgery

Oriental traditional medicine

Each of the above is done by one of the specialists according to the type of treatment.

Our emphasis in treating these disabilities is on psychotherapy and less use of medication, except in cases where medication is required.

Our therapists, considering your embarrassment and ... have also considered the method of online and online treatment through telemedicine. By entering Tourism angels group, you have a free medical record that contains all medical information and follow-up treatment. You are stored in the field of sexual disorders, impotence, premature ejaculation and other medical problems and are safely at your disposal. Setting charts and checking the level of sexual and mental health is one of our special treatment methods digitally.

You can also visit Iran in person to treat impotence and urinary incontinence problems. The whole process of your treatment will be done in accordance with your privacy and medical professional ethics. It will be done through digital file and medical profile.


Steps of your referral for treatment of sexual problems and disabilities and urinary incontinence:

1. Fill in the initial application form and sign the pre-contract
2. Contact the treating physician and medical expert
3- Creating a digital file and sending medical documents, including tests and ...
4- Preparing tickets and visas and necessary measures to go to Iran
5- Welcoming and accommodating the patient in the hospital and concluding a face-to-face contract
6- Performing diagnostic and therapeutic measures in the medical center
7- Visiting tourist and recreational facilities upon request
8- Training to follow up on medical affairs through digital profiles and paper brochures for care after surgical and therapeutic procedures.
9- Preparing a ticket and taking the necessary measures to return to the country of origin



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