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Neurotherapy in Iran

Neurotherapy for the treatment of brain and nerve diseases and movement problems

Neurotherapy for the treatment of brain and nerve diseases and movement problems

Neurology is a branch of medical science that examines the neural system.

Our neural system has two peripheral and central parts.

Central neural system includes brain and spinal cord.

Peripheral neural system includes peripheral nerves in the body.


The neural system is composed of units called neurons where neural messages are transmitted through these neurons and through neurotransmitters between these neurons, which functional damage or disrupt of each of these units or disruption of blood supply or bleeding in the central neural system can cause various diseases.

Some Neurological problems are caused by aging, such as Alzheimer's, dementia, etc.

The peripheral neural system also causes diseases such as neuropathy due to problems such as diabetes that destroy peripheral neurons.

The health team of Angels of Capital Medicine has a brilliant history in the complete and supportive treatment of neurological diseases. The use of neurotherapy rehabilitation methods as well as chemical and herbal drugs and traditional medicine as supplement can solve these problems

Digital medical records, follow-up, consultation by telemedicine and a multidisciplinary medical partnership including neurologist and neurotherapist and nutritionist, public and private classes and written brochures of rehabilitation are among our new medical services in complementary medicine.


What are the costs of neurological services in Iran?

The cost of medical visits in Iran is very low, but health tourists go to other countries for hospitalization and specialized examinations.

Hospitalization costs in Iran are much lower than in other countries. To read and compare the prices of medical services, please check out our blog section

Services such as hospitalization in neurology clinic in virtual hospital of tourism angels are among our services after people return to their country of residence.

All the services you receive in Iran have 6 months of support so that we can reduce medical side effects. The support process is to form a daily history and periodic visits with a neurologist to regulate medications and to regulate the treatment method.


Steps to perform neurological measures:

-Filling out the initial application form and signing the pre-contract

-Contact neurologist and therapeutic expert

-Digital filing, sending and performing tests, CT scan and MRI of the brain, etc.

-Preparing tickets, visas and essentials to leave for Iran

-Welcoming and patient's companion accommodation and hospitalizing the patient in the hospital and signing the contract in person

-Performing diagnostic and therapeutic tests in the medical center

-Visiting touristic and recreational places based on request

-Treatment follow-up training using digital profiles and paper brochures for post-treatment and paraclinical care

-Preparing tickets and essentials to return to the home country




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