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Injection of gel into the vagina in Iran

Injection of gel into the vagina

Injection of gel into the vagina for beauty and to increase sexual attractiveness / the method of removing sagging vaginal skin / Iran is the best destination for clinical beauty services

Aging is causes problems such as dryness of the vagina and loss of internal vaginal tissue due to decreased estrogen and progesterone. These problems arise after menopause or due to successive births and aging which reduces women's self-esteem in front of their sexual partner and gel injections can also be used to solve these problems.Unprincipled slimming and diseases that cause sagging skin of the outer and inner labia as well as wrinkles in the vagina.

Benefits of injecting gel into the vagina

1- Rapid recovery

2- No hospitalization

3- No pain

4- Vaginal rejuvenation and improving sexual function and increasing attractiveness

5- Removing vaginal wrinkles

6- Volume up the vagina

7- Treatment of vaginal muscle weakening

8- Vaginal bleaching


What types of gels are used for vaginal injection?

Gels vary based on shelf-life and sex. For example, temporary gels are used for two months to 12 months, gels lasting 5 to 40 years.

All gels used in Iran have FDA approval.


What are the preoperative preparations for vaginal injection of gel (filler)?

1- No use of aspirin and blood thinners

2- Consumption of liquids

3- No smoking and hookah smoking

4- Going to the bathroom before going to the clinic

5- Shaving vaginal unwanted hair


How is the injection of gel into the vagina?

The use of local anesthetics causes no pain and the place is washed and disinfected using iodine, and the gel is injected and massaged.


Side effects of vaginal gel injections and ways to treat them

Redness: This is temporary and disappears after 48 to 72 hours.

Superficial infection: For this case, antibiotic ointments prescribed by your doctor are usually used and oral medications are used on time

Swelling and bruising: This is due to bleeding under the skin and absorbed and disappeared.


Post-injection care of gel into the vagina (female genitals)

1- The place should be dry and be cleaned of the secretions that can cause infection. Using a daily pad is recommended to be replaced every four to six hours.

2- Do not have sex for a week.

3- No smoking, hookah and alcohol

4- Avoid vaginal manipulation and arbitrary massage.

5- Do not have heavy activities and activities that cause excessive sweating in the genital area.

6- Avoid going to the pool, sauna and swimming pool.

7- After two days, you can go to the bathroom but use a lukewarm water bath.

8- Wash the vaginal area with regular soap.



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