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Infertility treatment in Iran/cost/consultation

The best infertility treatment method

The best infertility treatment method / the best infertility specialist in Iran / the best infertility treatment clinics and hospitals in Iran


Definition of infertility:

Infertility is a condition in which men and women attempt pregnancy after twelve months of sex and in accordance with the exact principles and time of sex, but no pregnancy occurs.

Couples under the age of 35 must have one year of sex without contraceptives, and couples over the age of 35 must have 6 months of sex without contraceptives.

About 8 to 15 percent of couples have infertility problems and the cause of 40 percent of infertility is related to men and 40 percent is related to women and 10 percent is common, and in some cases the cause of infertility is completely unknown and is in the term idiopathic medicine.


Stages of infertility treatment:

1- analyzing the cause of infertility (by tests and imaging and reviewing health history and hereditary diseases, etc.)

2- Determining the duration of infertility occurred.

3- Studying the problem of infertility and determining the type of problem is from a woman or a man.

4- Setting the treatment method

5. Taking necessary measures


Reasons for infertility in women:

1- Disruption of monthly ovulation process

2- Disruption of the fallopian tube (uterine tubes through which egg transfer is performed)

3- Endometriosis

4- Uterine dysfunction and uterine diseases

5- Female Hormone Dysfunction

6- Safety problems and autoimmune diseases and so on


Reasons for male infertility:

1- Low sperm

2- Immature sperm

3- Abnormal shape in sperm

4- Insufficient sperm strength

5- Insufficient sperm power to move towards the egg


Sperm problems in cases such as infectious diseases, varicocele, smoking, hookah, drugs and alcohol, hormonal disorders at the level of testosterone, obesity, taking bodybuilder drugs, tight and unusual clothes that the testicles are under pressure and...


Laboratory and imaging methods for determining infertility problems in men and women:

Medical diagnostic tests in women:

1- Blood tests (CBC) and conventional check-up tests


3- Ultrasound and CT scan

4- Hysterosalpingography is a color photo of the uterus with ultrasound from inside the vagina)


Medical diagnostic tests in men:

1- Sperm sample review (48 hours before sex)

2- TSH, FSH, LH, PRI, TE levels

3- Ultrasound to evaluate the presence of varicocele


Treatment of infertility in both men and women:

What is the treatment of infertility in men?

1- Lifestyle changes: no smoking, alcohol and drugs, continuous exercise, healthy nutrition, stress reduction

2- Drug therapy: to increase sperm production

3- Varicocele Surgery

4- Sperm retrieval


What is the treatment of infertility in women?

Depending on the reason for infertility, one or two methods are used together.


1- Induction (ovulation stimulation): If there is a disturbance in women's monthly ovulation, using hormones and ovarian stimulation increases the number of eggs that can be released monthly.


2-IUI: In this method, ovulation stimulation drugs are used and ovulation time is determined based on the diagram or level of hormones, and male sperm is poured into the uterus through artificial means with a tube or syringe during ovulation.

IUI method can be performed for up to 4 consecutive periods and has 35% positive response.

This treatment is used in case of ovulation disorders or sperm movement problems.


3-IVF: A known method of infertility is fertilization performed outside the body and in the laboratory under a microscope and sperm is directed into the egg.


Treatment in IVF is as follows:

Taking ovulation stimulating drugs in women

BHCG injections and then eggs released from the uterus are collected (36 hours after injection)

Fresh sperm samples are taken from men and performed in artificial space for sperm fertilization and eggs.

The fertilized egg is transferred into the uterus with a sterile tube or syringe to begin the stages of sexual development.

IVF is used in the presence of ovarian diseases, ovulation problems, endometriosis and uterine fibrosis, as well as movement problems and immaturity of sperm.


4-Microinjection (ICSI):

This method is a type of advanced IVF in which healthy sperm is identified and one sperm is injected into the egg and 48 hours later, such as IVF, they place the fertilized egg inside the uterus.


Costs of infertility treatment in Iran:

The costs of infertility treatment in countries such as the United States are about 12,000 to 15,000 plus 1,500 to 3,000 for each separate period. This means an approximate cost of about $25,000 to $35,000 and in Turkey it is $6,000 to $8,000. In Iran, you can get all the new treatments necessary for infertility at a cost of less than $4,000 to $5,000 (maximum).

One of the issues that should be considered in the treatment of infertility is continuous follow-up. We at Angels Health Tourism Complex have 6 months of support to check and improve your mood until delivery or cesarean section.

The privilege of using telemedicine services that you can get medical advice with your doctor at any time.

Receiving a daily biography of you to adjust your lifestyle and the method of infertility treatment is also one of our services for you.

We have taken action with a comprehensive program for the treatment of infertility in Iran.

For detailed information on prices, please check the price list or contact our doctors and treatment experts online via free evaluation.

After your trip to Iran for infertility treatment, all your medical information will be saved with a personal access to the digital medical records and the membership of virtual hospital and gynecology and infertility clinic is one of our services to you.



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